Sitting is the new risk factor for Heart attack

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Human beings are created for mobility. The more we move the more active we can be and more chances to avoid any diseases. This is what all the doctors say. Last year when I had severe Anxiety and depression issues, the first thing the doctor asked me to do was to increase my mobility. He asked me to start with 5 kilometer walk a day. But 5 Kilometers is huge. Even today I hardly walk only 2 or 3 kilometers a day if I go for a walk. Especially walking is interesting only if we go with a partner.


Sitting in a single place for hours is risky

Not just for heart attack but sitting in one single place can have harmful effects on many things. People can't help much because today the nature of work is like that but if we plan to work for several hours, it is good to take a frequent break at times. Especially when we are on calls and other serious work, I would say it is mandatory to take a break after that. We can even do calls by doing a short walk or by standing in our place. This is something that can look awkward but if we practice it, we can get used to it.

When we sit in the same place for several hours, the blood circulation in the body gets affected. Blood circulation is the fundamental thing in our body for a healthy body and healthy mind. If our blood circulation is affected, we will slowly start getting other complications in our bodies. One of the amazing things we have in our bodies is that we heal faster than we can imagine. The data in our genes is perfect and it knows how the cells should be regenerated. But if we trouble the body and intervene by not letting it do its magic, then we might have to fight diseases.


For example, sleep is the most important thing for healing our bodies. Only during sleep, does most of the repairing and building works happen. If we don't give ourselves enough time to rest or if we keep pushing ourselves really hard without a night of proper sleep, then it can lead to so many complications.

Walking is the best exercise

Out of all the workouts someone can do, walking is the best one. People might say that they don't have time for workouts but nobody can say that they don't have time for a walk. Doctors say that walking helps in reducing the risk of a Heart attack. Any physical activity is good but if we don't have time to do proper physical activity, then at least walking alone can help.

People who are retired and are health conscious have this as a practice but this is something that every individual should bring into practice. We don't have to cover 5 kilometers on the very first day. We can probably start with a short distance and gradually increase it. Doctors even say that running is also good but not people of all ages can do running. Maybe middle age people can do running instead of walking. This will both save time as well as give a nice workout. Doing a fast walk and running itself will tell us about the status of our body. If we are able to do it easily then we have a good physical condition and if we find it hard, then we can keep pushing ourselves until a point where it becomes easier for us. But physical activity is very important.

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1 year ago


My job is always sitting, so every 1 hour I just walk around the whole building to avoid risk of heart attack, thanks for sharing 🙂

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