Some benefits of ginger

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A few days ago I felt a little sick with the flu, I remembered that I had ginger and I immediately prepared a tea.

The next day I ate a little bit but I had to put up with the spiciness of this tuber, even though I like its flavor. This root is also used in food as a condiment.

There are multiple uses and benefits of ginger. Ginger is a plant that has an aromatic tuber or root with a spicy flavor, considered an important element in the field of health and in the culinary art.

The scientific name of ginger is zengiber officianale and it is native to Southeast Asia. The main cultivars are found in India and China. Its shape is irregular, it is covered by a thin shell and inside it is a little yellowish.


This root is a blessing because its properties are varied. It provides us with a high content of vitamins and minerals; such as vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium and oils. The oil that characterizes it with the spicy flavor is gingerol.

Let's see the contributions that benefit our body with the intake of ginger through the various existing forms. There are several benefits.


Generally speaking, its natural properties help digestion, increase body heat, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and very important, it significantly fights respiratory diseases.

-It is a natural antiemetic beneficial to control nausea.

-It is recommended in case of flatulence and digestive problems or diarrhea and reduces the symptoms of colic.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it 100% effective in arthrosis diseases and throat affections.

-It increases libido because it is considered a natural aphrodisiac.

-It helps in the control of heart rhythm and regulates the heart pumping. In other words, it prevents cardiovascular accidents.

- It combats circulation problems and headaches, such as migraine.

- It is an effective relaxant, in case of stress and after subjecting the muscles to high pressure in sports. The relaxing effects allow to fall asleep.

- Strengthens the immune system.

-It is an effective pain reliever, reduces menstrual cramps.

-It relieves minor burns, even by sunstroke by putting a poultice of the tuber on the affected part.

-It has antioxidant effect that slows the aging process.

- According to studies prevents the growth of colon cancer cells.

- The high magnesium content helps in the prevention of muscle contractions or cramps.

#Other uses

Ginger is used in cookies, food seasoning, candies, beverages and preserves.


Consuming ginger tea with lemon helps to control coughs and eliminate mucus which is due to its expectorant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties; to which are added the vitamins it contains.

For throat affections you can consume the tea or simply chew a small piece of the root.

Taking this infusion on a regular basis is very beneficial but it is always good to control the time of consumption of any natural product.

For body pains, ginger is crushed or crushed and placed on the part of the ailment.

Regarding the contraindications of ginger root for excessive consumption can be harmful because it causes stomach upset, drowsiness and by making the blood more liquid produces bleeding, especially in people taking anticoagulants, in this sense it is not advisable to associate it with drugs with such effect.

Although the use of ginger has been subjected to scientific studies that report the good use in different presentations, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

This article has an informative function to increase the knowledge about ginger. I hope it will be useful, particularly I will continue to take tea at night controlling excessive consumption. 


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