Teenagers and alcoholism

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Youth is a period of experimentation and identity formation. Part of this development process involves looking for new sensations and taking at least some risks.

The reasons teenagers drink are different:

The most important reason is imitation of adults.

At the beginning of drinking, while the level of alcohol in the blood is low, the feelings are pleasant and that is the feeling that many teenagers are looking for.

They want to be accepted and they want to belong to a certain circle of people. In this way, they want to gain a certain status among their peers.

At puberty, they want to get rid of the influence of the elderly with the help of alcoholic beverages.

They want to rebel against everyone.

Alcohol makes them feel older.

Young people think that it will be easier to solve their problems and love problems with the help of alcohol.

Since alcohol is a depressant of the nervous system, at least in the beginning, it reduces tension and nervousness a little.

By drinking, they show their value and maturity.

They feel powerful.

They want to make it easier to make friends.

They want to overcome shyness.

Young people are curious and want to satisfy their curiosity.

They are looking for new thrills.

They want to provide various pleasures.

Their friends do.

They want to alleviate boredom.

The basic form of entertainment for boys and girls is entertainment with the presence of larger amounts of alcoholic beverages.

We can freely say that these parties and parties are organized precisely because of one thing: drinking. If there aren't enough drinks, the party didn't work out. The next day, the experiences are summarized: who drank how much and what and what he did. Does he remember how he went home or not.

The literature on prevention pays too little attention to the common and symbolic aspects of youth drinking and intoxication. Drinking mainly takes place in groups, and is often related to some other social activity, such as dancing, socializing, parties, etc.

Teenagers can also drink to:

celebrated special events (exam results, birthdays, graduation, etc.).

felt accepted.


reduced stress (exam stress, various pressures due to boyfriends and girlfriends, etc.).

overcome sadness, dissatisfaction, rejection, or low self-esteem.

get drunk!

What are the consequences?

Alcohol impairs a young man's health and prevents his normal physical and mental development. Organic disorders and vegetative disturbances occur early. Very soon there will be a personality disorder:




loss of warm emotional relationships towards parents and the elderly,

neglect of duty to the community.

Alcohol affects the nervous system, paralyzing its higher nervous functions, which provide physical and mental control of a person's work and behavior. There is a release of lower centers, which leads to a good mood, feeling of strength, experiencing something beautiful, etc. Due to this effect, alcoholic beverages are used in moderation or in excessive quantities. unacceptable behavior and man becomes a ridiculously sad creature. In the most severe degree of drunkenness, due to paralysis of the nerve centers, there is a disorder of movement skills. Then there is stumbling with the tongue, staggering, mental numbness, and shorter or longer periods of confusion of consciousness can occur when the "film is interrupted" and the person does not remember anything. If you drink extremely large amounts of alcohol, especially if it is done suddenly, there is acute paralysis of vital centers in the brain and elongated brain, which leads to severe poisoning, deep unconsciousness and death.

Alcohol use among teenagers can have serious consequences for their physical and mental health. Among them are:

Hangover: When teenagers are hungover, they experience one type of alcohol poisoning. They become dehydrated and as a result, they feel sick, have headaches and become irritable.

Poor school performance: Teens who use alcohol may remember less than what they have learned. This has negative effects in school, especially during exams. Alcohol use can be the cause and result of difficulties in school. It can also prevent the development of other skills, such as decision making, personal and social skills.

Anti-social behaviors and mental health: Excessive alcohol and binge drinking are associated with anti-social behaviors, mental health problems, and permanent brain damage. It reduces criticality and therefore the behavior becomes rude, illegal actions and criminal acts occur.

Drinking, smoking and taking drugs: Teenagers who drink and smoke are more likely to start taking drugs.

Insecure sex: There is definitely a link between drinking alcohol before sex and not using contraception. This can lead to pregnancy and an increased risk of a sexually transmitted infection.

Alcohol poisoning is common with dangerous consequences.

Premature death: The main causes of death between the ages of 16 and 25 are accidents, suicides and violence. Alcohol is often involved in these cases.

If a teenager drinks before the age of 15, he has:

four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those waiting to turn 21.

seven times more likely to be involved in a drink accident.

eleven times more likely to suffer unintentional injuries after drinking.

The delusion of the elderly about alcoholism as a magical means of removing all difficulties and obstacles is well known. This misconception is also transmitted to young people who accept alcohol as a means of solving all life's problems.

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2 years ago


Today, more and more young people are drinking alcohol. A big problem. More and more young people are suffering in accidents.

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2 years ago

I smoke, I drink, I do drugs, I seem to be getting better. fat, alcohol is harmful.

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2 years ago

We all drank when we were teenagers, now I would get drunk with a glass of beer 😅

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2 years ago

Teenagers make mistakes with a lot of consumption of alcohol and lose their live in car crashes.. That's sad and very disappointing..

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2 years ago

Thank God I neither drink nor smoke cigarettes, today's youth has a different view of the world.

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2 years ago

The effect of alcohol on adolescents may outweigh the risks of intoxication. Problem at school are common among children who drink alcohol. 👍

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2 years ago

Well written article dear

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2 years ago

They are addicted to drugs as a result of making wrong decisions as teenagers. Many beautiful articles have been written by dear friend

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2 years ago

When I was a teenager, I was drink too much, but now one beer is too much for my after lunch

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2 years ago

Unfortunately, more and more young people are drinking alcohol! This is a large-scale problem!

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2 years ago