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Expose yourself (Challenge)

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6 months ago

Hello dear readers 💖

Today, I´d like to take part in another fun challenge which is about exposing yourself. It sounds intimidating, doesn´t it? haha

I learned about it from one amazing writer here on, @AlphaCron, and I decided to do it, too.

You can check out his article here if you´d like:

Now let´s expose my phone and some other stuff about my "virtual" self.

My lock screen wallpaper

This is my current lock screen wallpaper:

It´s actually one of my old pencil drawings. One of my favorites to be exact. 😊 I remember that at the moment I didn´t know what to choose as my lock screen and at the same time I didn´t want to search for anything online, so I chose a photo that was already in my phone´s gallery.

I like to keep the lock screen really simple, so I often chose some pattern or design from Pinterest to put there. I don´t like my lock screen to be crazy or too personal because many people can see it when you are in public and using your phone. 😅

My home screen wallpaper

My home screen wallpaper is also simple, but for a different reason.

As you can see in the photo my phone´s desktop is full of apps. So full that it doesn´t make any sense to put some intricate wallpaper of a person or animal, or anything behind it because I could not see the actual picture. The icons would be in a way! 🤣

The wallpaper you can see here is a picture of landscape at sunset and the picture is actually mine. I took it in a racing video game hehe.

You would say that a racing video game is all about cars, right? but that´s not true in this case. This game (called Forza Horizon 5) has such beautiful and realistic! nature so I often take screenshots. 😊 The sunsets are otherworldly!

The 1st picture taken by my current phone

I searched so long for the first pictures taken by my current phone because I also have all photos from my previous phone uploaded there... but this seems to be the one:

I took this picture in January when I was walking home from a train station. The scenery was breathtaking!

An interesting fact is that it´s not actually snow, but the grass and the trees are covered in frost and there was also a lot of mist as you can see. That´s the reason why it is so white. No show is on the road, so no snow at all.

Yeah, it was really cold that day. My hands were freezing when I took this photo. 😂

The last picture taken by my current phone

Most photos now are of my new bunny (rabbit). So essentially the last photo is also of her.

In this photo, my bunny is destroying stuff: 😣🤣

I think when you have a pet, you just take photos of them constantly and your gallery is full of them. It´s like a written rule of owning a pet.

They are so cute, we need to capture everything they are doing, don´t we? 🤣

The last song I listened to

A few weeks ago I started to listen to some old hits just for the sake of nostalgia and this is one of them: Lithium by Evanescence from 2009!

Youtube screenshot of Evanescence - Lithium

Why does 2009 feel like 40 years ago? omg!

Some songs just never get old I guess. Even though we grow out of them and our music style changes, we will never forget and we go back to them eventually. 😊

What are some of your favorite bands or songs from childhood you like to go back to sometimes?

The last video I watched

I love to watch video essays on Youtube about all kinds of stuff - movies, tv-shows, today´s culture, art.

The last youtube channel I discovered is called Cinema Therapy and it´s a channel where one cinematographer and one licensed therapist react to famous movies and scenes from the movies and talk about the characters and stuff. It´s really amazing.

So the last video I watched is from their channel. The video is called Psychology of Hero: Katniss Everdeen (part 2).

Youtube screenshot of a video by Cinema Therapy

In this video, they basically talk about the main character of Hunger Games movies Katniss and describe how her PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is portrayed in the movies. It´s great because I also learned what PTSD is and how to deal with it or help your friends or relatives to deal with this mental disorder in case they would have it.

The video is fun, but also educational, like most essays. That´s why I like them. 😄👍

This is all for today´s article. 💗 For some reason I really enjoyed writing it and even though I revealed a lot about my phone and about my recent activities, I feel okay revealing it to you.

Also - can try this challenge, too! Anyone can. 😄

I will see you guys next time or in the comment section.

Take care. 💖

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Written by   53
6 months ago
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Ooooh i will try this one.

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6 months ago

I'm so honored to be mentioned in your blog @adoniis. By the way, I must say that you drawing is superb. 💕

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6 months ago

Wow! I want to try this challenge! I like the photo with the frosty trees. I have never seen snow before only in pictures or videos. :)

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6 months ago