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Of Labels and Leadership

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5 months ago

I remember listing out a little review of sorts on my notes after seeing X-Men: Apocalypse in cinema back in 2016 and so I would like to revive it as I feel like the main topic is still very relevant even after all these years. 

If you have not seen the film yet and don’t want to be spoiled of some plot information or dialogues, this is your cue to look away. But if you are curious as to why I think it is not as worse as how critics are telling it to be, go ahead and read.


As always, the key to not be disappointed in almost any sort of thing is to lower your expectations or to not expect anything at all. I think it is one of the reasons why somehow I enjoyed seeing this cliche of a film with a predictable plot, as how some critics would say. That, in addition to my unfamiliarity with the X-Men verse aside from knowing the main characters and remembering bits of their background from seeing the animated version on television as a kid, but that was like ages ago. I feel like a fresh, brand new slate absorbing everything that is to know as it is happening right before my eyes.

The film will give you just the entertainment that one would have expected from such a well-anticipated and promoted franchise. I cannot help but giggle with the slight shade when Jean Grey played by no other than Sansa Stark (er, Sophie Turner) mentioned about the third film being the worst or something like that. It may not be a stand out film but it did give some satisfaction to a non-X-Men comics enthusiast like me.

What I liked the most are the life lessons that one can peruse just from watching the film. They made it PG and totally (easily) relatable especially for families and for the kids with the casts throwing quotation-worthy lines every now and then. The topics that stood out as they are very timely these days: labels and leadership.

"A gift can often be a curse. Give them wings and they may fly too close to the sun…Give them the power of imagination they think they may rule the world."

Professor Charles Xavier (James, my guy McAvoy) has stated on his opening narration how ambitious and cunning people can be once given more resources and capacities than what they can comprehend. Just because we can does not mean we should do it/go for it. And it is a perfect reminder that we have to be responsible in our every actions.

I could also relate this to getting too attached to power and money especially in the recent days.

“To understand one’s power is to learn the extent of it.” 

"We fear what we do not understand."

In order to be able to use our gifts to its full capacity, we should be able to grasp the extent of our abilities. As self-explanatory as that.

Scott Summers/Cyclops (Tye Sheridan): “It doesn’t feel like a gift.” 

Professor X: “It never does at first.”

Sometimes, that fear also prevents us from further exploring the vast possibilities leaving us not being able to live up with the talent and skills that we have. We settle for "normal". We give up without even getting to try.

Our fears are stopping us into getting the full experience because we keep on worrying about something that isn’t even happening yet. What if it works the other way around? The possibilities are endless.

Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence): “Just because there’s no war doesn’t mean there’s peace.”

One's leadership will not be as efficient if we are confined in a certain place and we keep on losing track of the bigger picture and the opportunities that is way ahead. Comfort zones are not all that we have. It is just the start and we can work on that.

Raven: “I’m not a hero.” 

Jean Grey (Sophie Turner): “You are to us.”

One may never be aware of his/her influence to others. We may never fully understand how being little old "us" can be inspirational but we should continue being "us".

Continue to fight for what we believe in and try to leave a positive mark in the lives of the people that we get to interact every single day.

Which brings me to having labels.

What would you label yourself to be?

In the film Raven is initially hesitant to take on the role of being a heroine because she is doubtful if she even is one. She is labeling herself albeit in a negative light without even getting to try it yet but with the support of the people around her, she became the heroine that she truly is.

Will you be resorting to calling yourself a failure when you fizzled out in accomplishing something that you’ve worked hard for at first try?

Would you brand yourself a self-made entity without giving credits to those who helped you be on top?

Or would you be the hero of your own story while tending to those in need?

Will you be the leader of your own story?

It’s all up to you now to decide.


A little side note: I think one of the last films that I have actually seen in the director’s cinema before all of these pandemic shenanigans is the Dark Phoenix movie starring Sophie Turner. I came with my best friend who is such a huge fan. It was alright. I mean, having zero expectations and all.

What a full circle.


Today’s prompt by @JonicaBradley and @TengoLoTodo   is Labels. I hope I gave it justice even though it is very vaguely instilled in the topic of leadership. This is in hopes of getting to inspire more people.

If you want to try, you can also join the Promptly Jonica community and just post an article with a minimum of 600 words about a prompt of your choice. And don’t forget to tag these lovely individuals!

Cheers to you all and let me just say thank you to the sponsors! I think I’ll never get tired of thanking you all… and to the future sponsors as well ;) I am so grateful because I came here just wanting to write and basically find other ways to spend time in this trying times as suggested by one of my good friends and yet you’re giving me an even better experience by supporting me in my Read Cash and BCH journey.

Always with you,


Everything written here are all mine except for the direct quotes from the film.

Lead photo credit: X-Men Apocalypse promotional poster, 2016; Marvel Entertainment, 20th Century Fox

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Written by   71
5 months ago
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Indeed, we took on labels to set on a limit or capacity for a thing. I just remembered how labels made me realize how should I work out of priority and responsibility. Not an X-man fan but I felt like I should watch that movie again since my remembrance about the moves is really vague.

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5 months ago

Yes and it’s stopping us from exploring our very own potentials because we are stuck with our labels.

Ay, same! Tbh I can’t remember Dark Phoenix’s plot when I’ve seen it more recent than the film that I’ve mentioned here 😅 I only found my notes recently that’s why I was able to remember this

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5 months ago

Will you be resorting to calling yourself a failure when you fizzled out in accomplishing something that you’ve worked hard for at first try?

This. It's ironic how I always say to others to believe in yourself and your abilities but it's a shallow word of advice for I fail at it.

$ 0.03
5 months ago

Same :/ I think we find it easier to believe in other’s potentials than in ourselves. We have to learn to not be to critical of our own self, I guess

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5 months ago

Labels are a funny thing, mine is mad Scotsman ;) I do like to set expectations low that way you do get pleasantly surprised!

$ 0.03
5 months ago

True! We’ve been disappointed plenty of times and I guess that’s why 😆

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5 months ago