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My Day

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5 months ago

After months of getting water from public water source for everyday use, we were finally able to have our own tank. We had water delivered to us last night. So instead of pumping water out from the usual source, we saved time and used it for our laundry.

Since there are no due school tasks yet, we used the day to wash clothes. We swept the floor a little, buffed it, then folded clothes. Afterwards, I went to my computer then tried to do things in advance. I do not want again to be rushing during near deadlines.

My mom duties alternated with house chores and this is one of the few times that I get to enjoy my time with the kids without the pressure of deadlines. As things are yet to go messy, I am already minimizing troubles by lessening the loads of work.

In the afternoon, we went to see the kid's aunt and we ate pancit canton. I do not really recommend this habit of eating instants but we ate those anyway. The two little kids from the three siblings wanted the non spicy pancit canton so their brother went to buy their request. We now all had our share from it and we now just enjoyed sitting together and relaxing.

We went home after a few hours.

On our way, I saw the produce of the yard of our neighbors. You have squash, 'pappait', talong, sayote, and papaya. Since these were planted by the former occupant of the house so we, the neighbors, share these blessings. One of us gathered pappait while I claimed pieces of squash and papaya. It was a nice feeling harvesting directly from the land without having to go to the market and buy fruits and vegetables.

I cooked rice, prepared the viand for the evening. We ate when hubby came. The kids slept then I finally sat here to write this post.

So that's my day.

How about you? How are you? How's your day?

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apay nauma kan nga agsaksakdo?hehhehe...congrats kadi...another addition to ur mansion...

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5 months ago

Kayat ko py agsakdo mam. Huwag kalimutan ang basic para matuloy mabuhay hahaha

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4 months ago

What a great day indeed! I just spent my day yesterday doing nothing. I don't know why I'm not in the mood to move. But at 5, I hurriedly cleaned the house, cooked food then fed the chicken. It seems that something made me stay away from bed and do the household chores instead.

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5 months ago

Congratulations on that sis. Not an exaggeration but sometimes it's good hearing things like that. Pat yourself on the back.

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5 months ago

Started bad, but turned out ok. I had travel plans for the weekend and had to cancel them because of new covid restrictions by my government. But after that, Marc De Mesel made it even for me with a great tip and a mention. I guess the day was good afterall as I will be visiting my mother and sister next week after the restrictions are lifted.

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5 months ago

Good for you, Sir. Hoping you'll be able to visit your your family next week 😊

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5 months ago