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Am I still here??

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1 month ago

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I'm writing this article to guide some newbies who might come across it.

If you're not a newbie, you're welcome to continue reading.

From my introduction article,here,

I stated that I heard about this site from @happyboy. I got started and have been making some 'tiny' earnings.

These 'tiny' earnings pushed me to do more. Do beyond what I expected I could do.

But can one keep up?

Challenges I'm facing

I've always been a girl who gets up each day, does her chores and entertains herself with movies and music for the rest of the day.

Since I started writing, my brain has been working overtime.

Constantly thinking of an idea of a new article. The first thought in the morning and the last one before I sleep.

I realized that I always wanted a perfect article. My punctuation marks, signs, every single thing must be remarkable. The need for that 'perfect' article makes my brain go numb.

Each day, hundreds of people publish new articles. Articles so good they make me wonder. How did they think of these?

How did they write an article this long without losing the context?

I go through my past articles, seeing the same average time. 2 minutes, 3 minutes. I often managed to get it to 4 minutes.

Though I see lovely comments from those nice enough to read and engage in my articles plus upvotes and sponsorship, I can't help but look and compare mine to those of others.

I constantly complain to other writers.

Why has the random rewarder never visited my articles?

Aren't they good enough?

What exactly am I missing?

I came across an article few days back by @gaftekloriginal

That was when I found out that it isn't just crypto related articles that get the most tips.

I just need a 'hit' article.

The first article that'll catch the attention of therandomrewarder and the likes of other high ranking tippers.

So I keep asking myself

Will this be my hit article?

Or will it be the next one?

I guess this was the way I waited for my admission into the university before I finally got it.

My favourite line was "Maybe the wait will be worth it"

But can I wait longer?

Trying so hard to be optimistic but it's really hard. It has never been easy.


This is the most tedious part. Hours and hours go by and no idea comes up. The light bulb above my head is most probably experiencing partial contact. It just doesn't want to shine bright. No "Eureka moment" seem to be forthcoming.

A whole lot of writers use events which occur during their daily activities as topics for their articles.

Writer A was involved in a difficult situation. He couldn't pay his transport fare because he didn't know he didn't have it on him. Then the story is titled Good Samaritan because he was helped by a total stranger.

Writer B was in a bad mood due to her exams coming up which was accompanied with a lot of stress. She listens to a song which best explains her mood. Then she shares the experience here under a very catchy title.

Such beautiful ideas.

How do I create such ideas when I'm at home all day everyday?

Do I create interesting article ideas from just doing chores?

Well I don't think it's supposed to be this hard. Definitely not.

I haven't published an article for about two weeks now. So much for someone that wants to be noticed by other writers and high ranking tippers. LOL.

But I guess these struggles are signs that I'm pushing through. And my sponsorships are beautiful improvements. The upvotes and comments got me this far and will still take me further.

So with or without these struggles, I won't give up. Never!

Heyyy, it's been so long. Please bear with meπŸ˜­πŸ’”. I've missed so much too. Well, I'm back now ❀️

Love @Yinye_xo πŸ’ž

September 20,2021. 18:30

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Written by Β Β 32
1 month ago
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I am also struggling in thinking of what my next article would be about.. But if you will keep on scrolling here, you can actuallyget an idea, a topic to discuss... That's what i am doing when I am lost of topic..

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1 month ago

The truth is that it's never easy for anyone at first, but you will slowly get into it as things goes on. I was lucky enough to have rusty on my first article and I let that get into my head, thinking he will always visit all my articles but I was disappointed later.

I was also in your shoes, not having anything to write about but I learnt from a lot of persons here especially princessbusayo and HappyBoy on how to properly navigate this platform, and I have never run out of topics. Although I'm one of those people that write about their daily experiences, I also write about topics that are generated by other persons here.

You can start with JonicaBradley weekly prompts Also, you can take part in different random questions challenges that is trending, I'm working on one now and will publish it later this night.

There are other ways I get topics to write about, I can be scrolling through nairaland forum and I will see a topic that interests me and then I will write about it. Just do whatever works for you and it will get easier overtime. Goodluck πŸ€—

Ps: I just got an idea for my next article from all these things I wrote, you see how this works now? πŸ˜‰

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1 month ago

πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… that aspect of getting ideas from just doing house chores weak me. Anyway,you have only got to motivate yourself and do better, you can write base on experiences gathered from outing you have gone to or from your secondary school days and all or what is happening around you while at home. All these are enough for topics. Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it

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1 month ago

The struggle is real and it gets tougher by the day but the Lord is our strength.

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1 month ago