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Malabon Zoo Needs Our Help Too

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4 months ago

With the closing of schools, churches, malls, offices, and resorts, it is also the temporary closing of amusement parks such as Zoos--- it is because of the threat of COVID-19. These establishments were forced to shut down for the containment of the virus.

Malabon Zoo is located in Malabon, Metro Manila. It is home to different kinds of animals such as mammals, reptiles, aquatic species, avian species and etc. This zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden are owned by Manny Tiangco.

Manny Tiangco, owner of Malabon Zo

Philippine Brown Deer is one of the animals that live in the Zoo. Its population in the wild is fast decreasing due to deforestation and hunting. Supporting the zoo to feed its animals will help in the conservation of the species. If the time would come that the Philippine Brown Deer is not already present in the wild, Malabon Zoo will have a big impact on reintroducing the species to its natural habitat.

As mentioned above, the zoo is also a botanical garden. Metro Manila has been conquered by skyscrapers/ buildings and the greeneries have lessened throughout the years as the population grew. Malabon Zoo as a botanical garden offers a lot of plants that cannot be seen anymore in parts of the metro. The good thing is that the kids and also the adults can still have the privilege to learn about different plants just by paying a visit to the zoo. Not now, when the pandemic is over.

Manny Tangco is doing his best to provide for the animals even if the zoo has been shuttered for about two years now. He has been seeking help from the public for their kind donations to feed the animals.

Kuya Kim Atienza a Filipino television host, actor, weather anchor, and now a YouTuber, has recently posted a vlog about the current situation of the zoo. The purpose of the vlog is to show the condition of the animals and to tell the people about what is the current situation of the Zoo.

For sure you have seen posts online circulating about what Malabon Zoo is going through ---the Zoo is in need of help. Every day, they spent thousands of money to buy food for the animals and aside from that, there are also staffs that need to be paid. Right now, the budget of the zoo is being sustained by the donations and initiatives of the people but until when?

The sad news about the Malabon Zoo should reach a lot of people that have the ability and potential to help. Animals are going to die if they are not going to be feed properly.

If you're going to say that the animals should just be freed in the wild, then that's a difficult process. These animals have been born in captivity and some are surrendered because of their disabilities --- they are already dependent on humans. Bringing them back to the wild is possible but it's going to be a long way. The animals need to learn to hunt and protect themselves from predators. Unlike in the Zoo that they have a safe space and they are being fed. Animals that are not able to comply with their necessities will just die in the wild.

Final thoughts...

There is still hope for these animals if we are going to direct our attention to helping the zoo. There is still hope for the children that live around Metro Manila to witness these amazing animals and have a chance to look at different animals. Who knows, the kid that might visit Malabon Zoo someday might be a Veterinarian, Biologist, Animal Vodcate and etcetera.

I'm not really a fan of seeing animals in enclosures, I want to see them in their natural habitats. But we cannot do something about it now unless the owner wants to rehabilitate and release them in the wild. What we can do now is to raise awareness that there are animals that are in need. Also, it's best to stay home so that our lives can go back to normal and eventually, we can visit theme parks.

If you want to extend help to Malabon Zoo, here are their accounts that you can send your donations:

BPI Account:

The Malabon Zoo Botanical Garden Fountain, Inc



Malabon Zoo Foundation

Account Number: 4641-0003-32

Author's Note:

Hey! How are you? I know that this situation has brought the worst in us, just hang in there, okay? Always stay safe and healthy! And also, get yourself vaccinated. :")

P.S. Photos are from Google. I do not claim any of those attached photos.

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4 months ago
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All zoos have a hard time same for the farmes. I think our government will end zoos asap. Animals in cages is forbidden by the new law. Same for keeping pets and circuses with animals is forbidden too. They plan to take the ground away from the farmers to build houses. As if that is good for the environment. Next we'll have a lack of food. It's not the virus or Covid-19 but the restrictions. Outside you have 0.2 chance to get the virus.

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4 months ago

Halaaa, nakakaawa naman. Sana naman ung mayayaman jan na tao ee mag donate man laang. Nakakaawang makita na ganyan ang kalagayan nila 😭

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4 months ago

Sana nga ate eh :"( si kuya Kim ata nag donate huhu

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4 months ago

Pero mas maganda sana if marami ano para tuloy tuloy naman 🤕

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4 months ago

Omg! Sobrang kawawa naman na. How I wish I can lend some. ☹️

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4 months ago

Yun nga eh :"( we can always help naman in our little ways such as by sharing posts regarding the current situation of the Zoo. I just hope na mas madami pang donation ang matanggap nila.

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4 months ago

Yes. Sharing it on socmed, paraay makapansin talaga sa kanila din. Sana mareceive na nila soonest yung help na need nila. 🙏

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4 months ago