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He Is Risen | Remembering Holy Week Traditions Pre-pandemic Time | Reflecting

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2 months ago

Holy Week is the time where we can reflect on our actions and our life. To restore our faith in God and to be humbled beings. This week has been for our dear Jesus Christ to whom is our savior and has done good deeds for humanity.

Since our actions are limited due to this pandemic, let me write in this blog about our yearly traditions. Let us also remember that this is the third day when Jesus has risen.

Pre-pandemic time we do our traditions. These are the Visita Iglesia or the visiting of different churches to pray and the Pabasa.

Every year in pre-pandemic time we would go to different churches here in our region. Primarily here in Albay and in Camarines Sur. Each year we would switch provinces.

I grew up doing this tradition thanks to my family. Although I didn't really like the idea of going to different places in my younger years, I just liked the idea of outings and eating out.

When we were old enough, we were taught and given the chance to lead the prayer to every station. It was a nice feeling but also nerve-wracking since my family is watching. Visita Iglesia made me learn to appreciate the different architectures of Churches and learned their history. Also learned how to love and appreciate the sacrifice of our dear God.

As for the Pabasa, it was being done in my Lola's house. Mama, the one who recently passed away. It started many years ago when her husband was still alive. She promised him to continue doing Pabasa during holy weeks.

I can still remember that people that are from different barangays would come to their house to pray starting afternoon up until morning. It was like they were singing but in different languages. We were even scolded for making fun out of it. My cousin's and I just wanted to eat the food that was prepared for the ones who are praying.

But because Mama already passed away, there is no Pabasa for this year. She told my Aunt that if she passes away, it would also mean that the Pabasa will stop. Also the reason why we are just doing it is to continue what her husband wanted. And I think she has done all that she can while she is still here with us.

Also, I think that Mama wanted to stop doing Pabasa because it involves too much preparation for the activity.

During this week I tried studying for my lessons, but I didn't succeed. Also because of the weather. But I took the time to reflect on myself.

My friend and I, who stayed up until 2 after drinking, talked about life. How precious life is and was. We both lost loved ones in the previous years. I asked him if he ever doubted God and his ways and he said yes. He told me the reason. He couldn't understand it.

I understand where he is coming from. It was from the pain that was caused by losing someone. The reality of never seeing them again.

I talked to him and I said that maybe God is doing these to us because there is more to life. But he also added, "If there's more to our lives, then, why is it that we have to experience all of the pain?" And I didn't say a single word. I, too, was speechless.

Just like in a garden setting, the beautiful flowers are the ones who are picked first. Although it doesn't mean that the ones who are left behind are bad ones. I just thought that maybe they have served their purpose in life. That they have touched other people in the ways that they can. And maybe, it was their time to leave those people behind because they are now ready.

But talking about death, we discussed the loved ones who are left behind by the ones that passed away. The pain that they are experiencing. We talked about how an individual's end of life could affect others.

Life is too precious. Just think of this, some of us have suffered from difficult times. Some of us came into the point that life is not worth living and it's just best to die. But we keep fighting. We keep breathing and I think it's amazing because it indicates that we can still have hope with our dear lives. That we should have to know the purpose of it.

I have talked to God many times. Every night to be exact before I sleep. And sometimes in the middle of the day. We just need to talk to him and he is going to hear us out. God answered some of my prayers and wishes that I am so thankful for. We just have to also do our part in making our wishes and dreams come to life.

We may experience a lot of difficult moments but just like Jesus Christ, we rose from it. We rise from every difficult situation that we experienced and that is one of the greatest gifts that was given to us by our Lord.

May we always thank God for the things that we have now that we prayed before. And to be thankful for the sacrifices that he has made for us. Happy Easter, everyone! Thanks for reading this!

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Written by   117
2 months ago
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I think God allows challenges because he knows that we can overcome them. Through that, we can learn a lot of things that would be used to face a lot of encounters in life. Just always look at it on the brighter side and don't let those doubts drown you.

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2 months ago

Yup, upon thinking, he wouldn't give us challenges that we cannot overcome. It would be just those that we can and will have an impact in our lives.

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2 months ago