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Childhood Trauma

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2 months ago

As you read my today's blog I'll be hiding the relationship I had in this certain person for safety precautions I'll be hiding their names and used new ones. And my topic is all about Childhood Trauma, Where and why children need to suffer in this kind of burden, they are so young and innocent they don't know how hard life will be so they need to be enjoying their childhood while their still young.

My husbands relative was a whole different person and we heard how different he trained his kids, they experience physical pain, emotionally hurt, mentally distracted and the worse is socially embarrassed. As this kid saw his parents always fight I asked him how can you bear the pain your carrying? His puzzle with the way I asked him because we also know his kinda naughty and stubborn.

And his answered was, their the reason why I always want to stay out in our house, specially when dad is drunk it's like me was his trip to punch and it will all started with a simple joke then if my answers are not acceptable he'll punch me on and on as if I did all the wrong in the world. My mom will helped me and then they'll start to fight

His family once leave him because of his attitude but the man had a nice job and his condition was if you want money you need to go back to me. And so as the woman have, money wasn't a problem with them the attitude of the man was the problem. And now after eight years they had a baby girl the woman thought that he will changed totally but he brought back to his same old self after their baby girl turned one year old and the woman got pregnant again on their third. His patience went so short that even the little ones hurted by him then they left because their fight was wrecked up, the woman really didn't want to go back she'll rather eat grass than to be with that kind of man.

But the man was tough he went to follow his family on the province were he needs to face a lot of the woman's relatives. They agree that he and their only baby girl will go home to Manila the woman and the two kids will remain in the province. She also told me that if his Man will go wild after getting drunk he will be chased by big bolo or big knife by his father.

The woman also told me that she really wants to separate with that kind of man but the mas was stubborn because he got a lot of source that will let his family stayed with him. They are not rich to the riches but he has money that can give what his family wants and needs. There are now living together because after the man returned with their baby girl in Manila he learned how hard it is to take care of his child alone how difficult was away from his wife and he want to charge because he also made a promise to the family of the woman

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The story you read above was all true and as a parent I conclude that his children experience a lot of trauma even if they don't want to tell it to others. They don't want to admit that it is disturbing their lives as childrens. And here are some childhood that I saw and I'll just choose one that definitely define how I think the kids suffer based on their experience

Rejection Trauma you have a hard time trusting people with your feelings. They are afraid to trust someone because they are afraid that it's not worthy, they also think that it will also hurt them in the end so it's hard to be closed to a kid that is traumatized.

Abandonment Trauma Fear of being left behind or abandoned. The kids are afraid that they can be the reason why their parents will separate and they will abandoned if that happens.

Betrayal Trauma Trouble recognizing, expressing,or managing emotios. A kind of trauma that let's the child panic and fear even by seeing them in the eyes

Injustice Trauma Unpredictable and rational emotions. After being hurt they felt this kind of emotions because of being frightened and pain.

Closing Thoughts

The story was base on how parents raised their kids we may see mistakes on how their trained or raised them but it's not that we could nothing about it but they still did their duties and responsibilities being their parents. Life is hard that even we want help them we cannot reach their minds, I want my readers to learn this kind of trauma kids may carry inside their self if will not stopped understanding them inside and outside.


Thank you so much for your wonderful time reading my today's blog

Love, @UsagiGallardo215 🌙

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Written by   100
2 months ago
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This is why how important the role of a parent is in their children's life. Parents should make sure to guide their children all they might and make sure that they are away from any traumas. Traumas can ruin and even make someone's life miserable, so everyone must be aware of that.

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2 months ago

Yes ma'am and the worst is their own parents are giving their child the fear and trauma. Sometimes tlaga nakakasakit na tayo pero dpat limitahan din Naman

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2 months ago

I am moved by betrayal trauma Usagi during childhood days. This is probably the reason why I am having trust issues. I greatly follow on trust no one but yourself. But there are really those times when I am trusting someone I am comfortable with. No matter what we do, betrayal would always be there following us.

Thank you for this interesting article usagi. Have a great day.

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2 months ago

Im glad you liked it my friend and I feel that you don't want to remember those bad memories. But i can feel you already overcome those pain because you are strong and I adore you for that

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2 months ago