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An Aquarian who Loves his Gemini Partner

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2 months ago

Gemini, You are Eros, the God of Love. You're a friend for knowledge and beauty as your mother was the gooddes of beauty. You were born into chaos and you know how to make the chaos feel like harmony. Your beauty is hypnotizing to people and they can't help but want to be close to you. You've always got a partner by your side, it's just how you roll. Whoever is lucky it's enough to be with you will feel like their life has been enriched. Your symbol is the boy and arrow

Because of the wonderful comments that I've read in my previous article I will also tell you the characters that I loved being with my Gemini Partner. For a aquarian like me that has a different beliefs I found that a Gemini has the endless abilities and kindness. My mom is also under the sign of the Gemini and my eyes couldn't believe how good their heart is, how independent and strong they are. My mom was the second child on their family and they have seven more, and as I grow I noticed that she was so independent that she doesn't want to asked for help no matter how hard are life was before.

She raised me alone together with my grandmother, after my father died he never wants to have another relationship with somebody else she put all her efforts and time working for us. She understands that her siblings had other responsibilities so she shoulder all my grannies need to medical and even caregiver. And after all the hardships she was granted all her siblings went on good hands and before my grandma passed away they all gathered to help my mom.

And I also saw that on my husband, would believe that my husband never wants to loan or he didn't even want to asked for help to anybody (except for his siblings ofcourse) no matter how hard or heavy his problems are specially on financial. He'll endure it all to the point that he'll never let me feel that he needs my help. I know him that if his quiet his thinking a lot on how to solve our problems, he was the ideal man and I believe that his other twin suffered a lot but he never let us see his other side. He always that his always strong, he still smiles and face others but I know when his alone he thinks a lot, plan a lot and in the end I felt surprised because all his planed work. All went in the proper place

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I never forget that I started the fight because of some misunderstandings but in the end it's always my fault because I didn't wait for him to tell me his plans. He always surprise me in a way that I'll be touched because I doubt him, and I felt to realize that his right. And yes he is a irresistible lover because he told me he can't lived his life without me, sexy yes hahaha but he gained now but his still sexy in my eyes.

And I totally agree we are both compatiblewe been 18 years and counting together I'm happy to be with him. His smart popular to his friends because my husband is so easy to get along. There was time that when hubby arrived from work his friends will always file a lived just to be with him and I told his friends hubby has only two days off and I let you have him for one day. His also full of energy that his like the main hero of his friends. I loved when his so talkative because his also full of humor and his always full of sense to talk to.

Whatever changes he'll made I'll always understand him because his always worth my all. He always think ways how to improve our family and he wants a better life for us.


Thank you so much for your wonderful time reading my today's blog

Love, @UsagiGallardo215 ๐ŸŒ™

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Written by ย ย 100
2 months ago
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Sana all miss maam โœจ I know he is so thankful to have you as well๐Ÿคฉโค๏ธ

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2 months ago

Ay ,naiinlove na to ng todo oh ๐Ÿ˜ Ang swertr mo sa partner mo sis ,sana hi di magbabago kung ano man meron kayo ngayon.

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2 months ago