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I regularly update and upgrade the operating system on my computers.

Sometimes, I spend time reorganizing my life. It is necessary for everybody. Whether you are a married, family person, or a confirmed single, you should live in nicely organized rooms, i.e., a home. A decent collection of rooms don't make a sweet home. A home is cherished only when it is properly maintained.

Reorganization is a part of life, career, or business.

I shared a reminder in an earlier article why organizing ourselves is essential in life. Let's discuss a little more what should you do to reorganize yourself.

Update computers and mobile devices

I regularly update the operating systems on all my computers. I am a long-time user of GNU/Linux, free and open-source software (FOSS). If you use FOSS and GNU/Linux, you become a self-managed person for computers and software.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with work and life. I forget about software and OS update. The file system of a computer remains in good health when it is up to date.

A few years ago, I delayed in OS update. Most of the applications software was of the old versions. Those were functioning well but, I was missing the new features of the latest versions. When I finally updated the OS, I was so happy to see the latest looks of the software packages.

Reorganize and reschedule life

I sometimes dedicate some time to maintaining my living spaces. At least I try to get rid of the clutters, clean the rooms, cupboards, bookshelves, and arrange the belongings. I do it not because it should be done. I do it because I need it for my physical and mental well-being.

Reorganizing life means making changes where one needs improvements. It is all about the correction of the shortcomings and adopting new positive habits that contribute towards mental and physical well-being.

Examples can be many. Suppose I am a late riser due to late-night work, watching movies on the TV or the Internet, or wasting huge time on social media. If I can adopt disciplined sleeping and working time slots, it will solve the problem and help improve my health. An example of a healthy habit is getting up from bed early and practicing yoga every morning for some time.

Updating and upgrading is not easy

Updating the computer OS, renovating the civil construction of a house, or updating life is not a simple task to accomplish. Updating a running software web platform is equally an uphill job to execute.

Update and upgrade tasks are often difficult

The updating and upgrading of an OS may need all the electric data, files, and folders to be organized appropriately before reinstalling the new OS and the applications software. Updating a server is a slightly more challenging job. I remember the college days and email notifications when a server shut down for maintenance.

Update and upgrade jobs should be well-planned

A family can't wholly stop its everyday activities, such as eating, bathing, cooking, sleeping for a renovation or reorganization. But, the family members cooperate in doing the minimum activities during the renovation work.

User and members must be informed about an update well in advance

Similarly, when a web platform is maintained and updated, the users need to be cooperative and appreciative. But, one caution remains. The house owner or server administration needs to be responsible enough to inform the users well to prepare for the crucial update work.

Bringing it altogether

  • Updates and upgrades are essential in life, whether in career, business, computers, houses, properties, or a server or web platform.

  • One must not shy away or hesitate to delay update works because. Without updates and upgrades, everything may become obsolete and malfunction.

  • When it is not possible to upgrade, at least try to update.


We can refer to the recent updates of read.cash. The platform has been partially running or down during the maintenance and update works for the future. Most of us have been frustrated, and the platform has been updated successfully.


Lead Image: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. The article is not straightforward advice for life. Do your research before adopting any life techniques and options.

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