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The other day, I was managing my technical documents on my computers. It was a complex work of shuffling electronic documents and folders between the old laptop and the new desktop computer.

Fortunately, I use GNU/Linux operating systems on all my computers. It took a couple of hours to transfer files and folders from the old laptop to the new desktop computer via our home LAN or local area network. Our home LAN comprises a wired network and a WiFi router.

Organizing things in a home or office is not as easy to do as we may think. It involves big responsibility plus the knowledge about every object.

Organize your office

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Organizing things in an office is a big job. More complex and tricky is to organize the electronic documents in the office computers. It is a big responsibility and often becomes too complicated, especially when people change jobs.

I did it several times during the last twenty-plus years. Earlier it was more complex because I used to have a lot of folders from my office works. Then, I used to work full-time for employers.

I had many paper documents, books, files, and sometimes small electronic circuit boards in my office desk and drawers. The most troubling times were when I switched jobs.

Organize your home

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Organizing things inside a home seem effortless. But, it often may become a very tedious job to organize the scattered stuff in a home.

When people buy and acquire objects for everyday use, they don't bother about managing them in the future. People love to buy new things.

Having more objects than we require to live may give rise to problems.

It is true because most of us like to have more things than we need for a living.

Such as, I love music, and I would buy an electronic piano. If I don't learn to play and use it regularly, purchasing a piano is no use. An unused piano may only occupy the space and remain like a piece of furniture!

Some people may like to buy books and keep big bookshelves. They may show the books to their occasional guests. They may take pride in showcasing their large collection of books. But, they hardly read any of the possessed books!

A minimalist approach to life is a good option

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Many of us like to possess as many things as we can. In the long run, the possessed objects may become problems.

There is no limit to possessing earthly objects.

You may own plenty of costly objects with your earnings. It is your earning and you can do whatever you want to do with it. Please remember, you only enjoy it when you use an object for some meaningful activity.

Please don't use your piano top as a tabletop and work on your laptops over it. Use the piano for practicing music. Otherwise, don't possess a piano and block open space of your home.

Have only those objects that you need and use for your life.

And organize the objects in your home. It will give you a pleasant feeling if everything in your home is nicely organized.

A minimalist life may solve organizational issues of a disorganized home for good.


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Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. Sources of all images are mentioned below the respective images.

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