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Health Mafia Caught Red Handed Planning "Monkeypox Pandemic"

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2 months ago
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The world experienced a "Pandemic" or "PlanDemic"

The end of 2019 saw an "outbreak" of a new fear of infection by a virus named COVID-19, which is supposed to be a new variety of SARS-CoV-2 viruses. The last two-plus years were completely lost in the fear waves of the new virus.

Despite repeated advice by Dr. Robert Malone, MD, the inventor of mRNA virus technology, that the mRNA vaccine must go through a rigorous clinical trial for a minimum of ten years, the governments around the globe forced the experimental medicine on the citizens.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) and the governments used a very rough testing technique called RT-PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to diagnose COVID-19. The news media propagated discoveries of "newer" names of the COVID-19 virus to fearmonger the global citizens.

The truth is that RT-PCR testing gives positive results for multiple viruses mixed up, including the common cold, cough, fever, influenza, whooping cough, and the so-called COVID-19.

  • Nobody can deterministically diagnose which virus gives the positive results in the notorious RT-PCR testing technique!

QUESTION: Then, why did they (WHO and the governments) show a large number of "infected" cases for fearmongering the citizens?
ANSWER: To sell the RT-PCR testing kits, masks, and impose costly experimental vaccines, health services at the private hospitals.

  • By the way, the COVID-19 "PlanDemic" was utilized to force lockdowns throughout the world. The manufacturing, smaller supply chains, and small businesses suffered huge losses.

  • But, the corporate supply chains and shopping companies, such as Amazon, Walmart, Big Bazar, More, Jio, etc., made record profits during the lockdowns.

  • COVID-19 "pandemic" was utilized to forcefully push experimental jabs to the people, which is equivalent to bioterrorism.

QUESTION: Who are the gainers of these planned "pandemics?"
ANSWER: The global "Heath Mafia" are the profit makers, that includes the big pharma companies and their funding agents.

QUESTION: Who are the funding agents for these vaccine manufacturers?
ANSWER: The very few hand-counted great corporate owners, so-called philanthropists, and a few health administrators in the developed nations.

QUESTION: Who are the sufferers of these synthetically created "PlanDemic?"
ANSWER: The large 99 percent common mass of the world that includes the small business owners and manufactering units, the large middle class citizens, and the vast poor citizens around the globe.

Another "pandemic" is in the making

  • The news headlines give a sign of an announcement. Just hold on to your breath. It may come in the mainstream news soon! The "big philanthropist" corporate owner has continually pointed towards a permanent "vaccine mandate" for multiple viruses.

In his new book, which is publicity propaganda for the upcoming "PlanDemics," a famous "big philanthropist" advertised composite medicines aka "vaccines" to combat the "health threats."

The news headlines on "Monkeypox" virus infection in the US, Australia, and some parts of Europe are pointing towards the same story of December 2019.

  • The global citizens now got rid of the fear of COVID-19. A good part of the so-called "vaxed" people are rejecting the following doses of experimental "vaccines."

  • The new "Monkeypox" virus infection news seems to be another ploy to fearmonger the global citizens and sell a new set of medicines.

Screenshot: My Twitter share of a rumble video about the "Monkeypox" virus.

Should you trust the mainstream news media?

Whether you would believe the fearmongering news depends on how logically strong your mind is.

  • If you think you are a servant to obey the orders of the governments and their very few heath experts, you are at your periphery of reasoning about your life.

I can write about my story and the truth about the current "PlanDemic."

  • In early 2020, I was paranoid about the virus infection and was very afraid!

  • Since I visited the alternative media, such as Odysee, Ramble, etc., and viewed the video conferences by the expert virologists, epidemiologists, medical doctors, and researchers.

  • I watched video deliberations of Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, and understood mRNA and DNA-based medicines and associated risks.

So, I got a view of the other sides of the virus research. Truth is not absolute, but we should be exposed to the experiential knowledge of the experts from various places and affiliations. If you only listen to the government authorised health experts, you won't get the total picture.

  • I haven't taken any experimental jabs so far. Nobody from our family took any of the experimental jabs and exposed us to the rough RT-PCR testing.

  • I go to the open market almost every day, and I don't wear any masks. The markets in our country (India) are generally crowded. I haven't heard anybody was having any health problems.

I am perfectly fine as per as health is concerned. During the last two-plus years, I even didn't have any health issues. Only once I did have a cold and a mild feverish after drenching in the winter rain in January 2022.

To check the authenticity of the COVID death news, I visited the local crematorium on the bank of the Ganges river. To my utter surprise, I found that there was hardly any queue for cremations of dead bodies. It verified the fact that the number of deaths was reduced during the so-called "pandemic!" I suspect many of the death news and the pictures publicized on news media were fake.

Be vigilant in your self-care strategy and reject bioterrorism

I think we should take care of ourselves.

  • Be vigilant in your self-care strategies.

  • Visit a doctor only if you really need it. Don't visit doctors and hospitals just to utilize the quota of the regular health insurance facilities.

Reject all types of bioterrorism.

  • Your body is yours, not the property of any government.

  • Carry on with your regular physical exercises, such as Yoga.

  • Eat healthy foods that contain necessary ingredients to supply the essential elements for your body with adequate nourishment.


I am sure many of you would like to know where is the truth about the upcoming "PlanDemic."

Please go through the following references for details:

I created a GIF using texts from the title and Photos by Tj Kolesnik on Unsplash.

About me (author)

  • I am a "ReadCasher" and "LinkedIner." I write blogs here and elsewhere.

  • I work in the overlapping areas of STEAM or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • At present, I develop password security and cybersecurity solutions.

  • I thank my sponsors, whose names appear in the "Sponsor" box.

I hope that the entire blogging community strives here and elsewhere.

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Unite and Empower Humanity.

May 20, 2022.

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Written by   266
2 months ago
Topics: Pandemic, Pharma, Health, Mafia, Narrative, ...
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Since information age, people have started to easily trust information without a clear source. In my opinion, virus that we passed yesterday is also PLANdemic.

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2 months ago

Very much true.

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2 months ago

The world experienced pandemic or plandemic HAHA it already catch my attention to read more about your article. Covid pandemics wasn't done yet and there another monkey fox circulating in any social media platforms. When was this pandemics end. Hays. Those poor's makes poorer this time and those rich become even richer.

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2 months ago

The rich and the health mafia have been planning the "PlanDemics" to earn more money and make the common mass their slaves.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Every time it's all more obvious, these "plandemics"... now people got tired of the previous one, and just when people start living happily again thinking in summertime, another starts now. Very suspicious, during the last decades nothing and now it's a non-stop. The big mistake is now nothing is discrete, all is too much obvious so it's clear what's going on. Thanks really for this good article.

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2 months ago

In Spain, during the panic-stricken COVID-19 pandemic days, my friend's father died out of a mild heart attack because they couldn't take him inside the hospital for treatment! My friend had to wait with his ailing father in an ambulance outside the hospital due to a heavy rush (queue) with the so-called RT-PCR-positive patients jamming the entry of the hospital!

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2 months ago

Omg! So sorry, it's very annoying and sad at the same time... here sanitary people where dancing and not responding to the phone. That awful situation happened unfortunately many times.

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2 months ago

Covid 19 is a contagious disease when someone gets sick they become infected so the number of cases increases. Hopefully this Covid-19 will disappear

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2 months ago

The researchers haven't yet purified and isolated the COVID-19 virus. The mainstream news media has been fearmongering the people using artists' drawn multi-colored images. The RT-PCR testing technique gives mixed-up results for many viruses, including the common cold, cough, fever, influenza, whooping cough, and other viruses.

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2 months ago