Don't Depend on Future Predictions

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The field of cryptocurrency and investment is full of predictions.

  • Speculation is part and parcel of the cryptocurrency arena. The players of cryptocurrencies enjoy reading and writing forecasts.

They often say that the ber market is an opportunity for crypto investors.

  • Everybody knows that the speculation-induced marketing strategy is an age-old and overused tool to drive stock market trading. A similar trend is seen in the crypto field.

Future predictions are available for all fields of life. Fortune tellers futrists are plenty in the real and the cyber world.

Future predictions are so attractive to read, view, or listen to!

  • The present is true, like the Sun.

  • But, the present activities may not guarantee a bright future.

We may enjoy reading future predictions. But we should not depend on it.

  • I believe that future prediction is often equivalent to hype.

The future is unknown and depends on current activities. So, let us focus on the work we have on our hands at present. That may yield a positive result.

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Bringing it altogether

  • In the so-called "bear market," cryptocurrencies and most investment instruments are at their best-ever downfall!

  • Innumerable future predictions are showered every day about what is to be done!

Most future predictions are based on reviews of past financial data, which are publicly available. And the forecasts are always uncertain.

Those are similar to a weather forecast. But, those future tellings about the financial market are not as scientifically recorded as the weather forecasts.

  • It is always better not to rely on future predictions.

  • It is true for any area of life.

Read the predictions, and finally, utilize your inner wisdom to decide what to do.

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Jan 08, 2023

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When I see the title with crypto predictions, I'm not interested to consume the content. That can be just a waste of time. I've seen crazy predictions and how far they come true. The trust is, no one can tell exactly what will happen and when that will happen.

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11 months ago

Futurists know that nobody can catch them if they are correct or wrong!

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11 months ago