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You need to use the Internet almost every day.

  • Can you survive without using the Internet? The answer is simply: "No, it is not possible to survive in this modern world without using the Internet."

Why is it not possible to live without accessing the Internet?

  • There are many requirements in cyberspace. We access our emails, and online banking services, buy items from online stores, and avail of a variety of online services provided by the government and private corporations.

  • In most of all cases, we need to create user IDs and passwords and log in to the online portals. The user IDs and associated passwords authenticate our digital persona to the online portals.

The user IDs and associated passwords constitute our digital identity.

  • We are responsible to protect the digital sanctity or data security and privacy of our digital identity.

  • Safeguarding digital identity is a must on the Internet.

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Protecting your digital identity is most important

=> Suppose you lose your digital ID and associated passwords.

=> What should you do?

  • Maintaining multiple digital IDs and passwords is a difficult task. So, some of us (or most of us) keep the login passwords for multiple digital IDs the same.

  • What could the problem be if you use the same password to log in to multiple online accounts? How does that affect your personal cybersecurity?

If the single password you use for multiple accounts is stolen by a cyber criminal, you lose all your online accounts associated with it.

  • Cybersecurity experts suggest using a password manager, which is a software application that can manage multiple passwords for multiple online accounts with a single master password.

What is the problem with using a password manager?

  • If the hackers can steal the master password of your password manager application, they can access all your online accounts managed by the password manager.

  • Using a password manager is equally vulnerable as using the same password for all your online accounts.

=> Therefore, protecting your digital identity from cyber attacks is a prime task.

Digital identity assurance and democracy

It is now clear that every Internet user requires a foolproof solution to this problem of protecting digital identity.

  • Your digital identity must be assured with a reliable method.

  • You must be accessible to handle the security credentials of your digital identity in a democratic manner.

  • That means you will enjoy the full authority to change, modify, and access your digital identity at any time from your own computer devices.

=> How to own your digital identity with complete assurance and democracy?

You need to have a solid strategy, a hard-to-hack authentication solution.

We will discuss it in a future podcast interview with Hitoshi Kokumai, Founder & Chief Architect, Mnemonic Identity Solutions Limited, UK.

(Due to unavoidable circumstances, and by the request of the podcast guest Kiyoshi Kokumai, today's LinkedIn Live event has been CANCELED)

I invite you all to the future podcast on digital identity

  • I and Hitoshi Kokumai will discuss how Mnemonic Identity Solutions tackle the task of protecting digital identity using a unique software solution.

  • May I take this opportunity to invite you in advance to join the live podcast?

  • You can ask any question during and after the podcast.

Please watch out for a future announcement of my LinkedIn Live.

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Sep 16, 2022

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Life without internet really seems difficult because we are doing lots of things business, study etc online.

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1 year ago

Safeguarding digital identity is a must on the Internet.

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1 year ago

Our virtual identity is more vulnerable because hackers are always active to steal all things from us. We should be able to protect our online accounts. Multi passwords in hard form are good in my opinions.

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1 year ago

Protecting online accounts with multiple complex passwords could be one probable solution.

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1 year ago

That very much great. Looking forward to listening to the interview of Mr. Hitoshi Kokumai, Founder & Chief Architect. Also please don't forget to record and share it with us, in case I miss that.

By the way, last year my password was compromised, however I was using 2-factor authentication for most of my accounts so I lost those they have had control over that. From that day onward I don't keep same password 🔑

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1 year ago

We will discuss many salient problems of authentication of online accounts and their possible solutions.

Today's live event has been CANCELED dues to an urgent request from the guest Hitoshi Kokumai. We will reschedule it and announce it here.

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1 year ago

That okay, maybe next time, soon, but please don't forget to share with us

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1 year ago

Sure, I will announce.

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1 year ago

In the modern world, yes, we can't survive without the internet. Going to basics, yes, you can still survive without it :)

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1 year ago

Yes, it is very much possible to survive without the Internet and using the basic facilities of living.

PS. The Live event has been canceled due to an unavoidable request from the podcast guest.

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1 year ago