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Product or service development is an integral part of our daily life. That is where the world is moving towards ...

  • I have been a researcher and an academician. I worked as a full-time researcher and professor. Incidentally, none of my colleagues were entrepreneurs.

  • Would it be better if I had considered living like an entrepreneur?

It was an awkward question for most of my past academic and research colleagues and me.

But now I realize that this is a question we should always consider. That is how the world is moving.

  • Because product or service development is an integral part of our daily life.

  • As an educator, my responsibility is to develop and deliver well-structured academic courses.

  • My responsibility is also to upgrade the existing academic curricula and develop newer ones.

What should be my role as an educator?

 As an educator my responsibility is to develop and deliver well structured academic courses, and also to develop new academic curricula ...

  • Those curricula and courses should be rich in content and clear to understand. The curricula and the courses should be able to attract the attention of the students. So that more and more students register for my courses.

  • The curricula and courses should be able to address the need of the current industries … so that our passed-out students have excellent job prospects.

In a nutshell, the courses should “sell” well to their “buyers” – the students and our product, i.e., the graduated students, are well placed in the top industries.

What should be my role as a researcher?

As a researcher my responsibility is to develop techniques and systems useful for solving practical problems of the society ...

  • I am also a researcher. I regularly conduct research studies in various subfields of my area of specialization. I have guided (and still mentor) students for their final-year dissertation projects.

  • I present and publish the research results in conferences and journals.

  • I am responsible for developing techniques and systems to solve the practical problems of society … so that our developed technologies can be adapted for device implementation.

... so that the developed technologies get buyers in the industrial market

  • I also should do the necessary additional work so that our developed technologies result in patent filings.

  • I must also take appropriate steps forward so that the developed technologies get buyers in the industrial market.

  • If possible, I should also try to motivate and help some passed-out graduate students venture into entrepreneurship.

  • I should also have the courage to be a part of one or more disruptive startups.

There is no clash between academics and entrepreneurship.

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"As a social being, it is my obligation to develop positive life style and contribute towards conservation of natural resources ... " said Prof. Bose.

  • We are also social animals living on the planet earth. We regularly breathe and have consumed a lot of natural resources since birth.

  • We should be responsible for developing a positive lifestyle and contributing towards conserving natural resources.

I consider it my obligation to remind my fellow citizens of the cleaner and easier ways of disposing garbage.

  • I accept it as my responsibility to nurture the younger people towards better things in life. I take concern in helping and loving people around me because all these actions will encourage more and more people towards positivity.

My benevolent ideas will only “sell” well among others only when I myself “develop” and “exercise” positive habits.

I try to live like an entrepreneur.

  • I have been trying to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset throughout my life.

  • In my early career, I worked full-time for many years. Later I quit the full-time job and have been living as a self-employed researcher and academician.

How do you live?

What do you think?

I will be very happy to read your thoughts.

Please give your valuable comments and share this post with your network.

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