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How to Harness the Power of Your ADHD Symptoms

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1 month ago
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What if instead of stressing out about anything and everything in your life, you were cool, calm, and collected knowing that you have control of your ADHD!  

What a powerful moment that would be! 

But if being in control of your ADHD isn't where you are at right now, maybe you, someone, or something is holding you back from being in control. 

I see so many adults who don't know where to start because they are overwhelmed and stressed to the max when trying to get their ADHD symptoms under control. 

Adults who have ADHD often find themselves:

Unfocused and all over the place - To me, ADHD is a powerful tool, and its symptoms like focus are a part of that power!

Yet even I have found myself all over the place in my daily life. I'll find myself changing the details of a project every few seconds without even realizing it. Or, I'll attempt to create and chat about a wide range of topics for my work. After a few weeks of this routine, I'll get in a blah, unproductive mode and realize that I'm doing too much at once! 

So much that I have had to discipline myself into focusing on just one area at a time in my life. Too many pickles on my plate and  I'm going to find myself in burnout mode again if I'm not careful. 

If I can just focus on one task at a time, it will give me the power to be in control of my ADHD. It will also allow me to power through my day and get those long-awaited tasks finally completed. I'll be honest, it's harder than heck to not want to start something new instead of focusing on the current task. But I've had way more days when I'm staying focused, versus my ADHD being all over the place. 

It feels fabulous to be in control of my ADHD symptoms for once. And I know that if I can take charge and stay focused, I can do anything! And, so can you! 

So start with focusing on one task at a time and see where it leads you. Even if you can only manage one of your symptoms, you're still one step ahead of ADHD as long as you continue to stay in control. 

Not Being Organized - Let's face it, this is one of those areas we hate! I mean who the heck wants to spend hours cleaning up a mess! Then again, if we think about it, who the heck wants to spend hours just looking for something that is lost somewhere in a disorganized messy corner.  

So maybe it's better to look at it as, if you want to find those important papers you had to fill out last week that are hidden under that stack of junk mail on your desk, you need to focus on getting organized

And throwing your mail into the letter holder and calling it good, isn't how organizing works! 

You have to sort through and separate, then categorize and store everything in its place. If anything, organizing can be tedious work, yet also rewarding! 

So maybe when it comes to getting organized you're thinking:

  • I don't know where to even start

  • I don't have time to organize

  • When I try to organize my life, my family clutters it up again, so  I've given up on the idea! 

  • I get overwhelmed every time I even think about organization. 

  • I'm sentimental and feel attached to everything, so I rarely throw anything away. 

Well, guess what, they are not a reason not to get organized. They are the reason! 

You can keep telling yourself and everyone around you whatever reason you have for your disorganized ways, but it won't change the fact that those important papers we talked about earlier, still haven't been found! That pile of sewing fabric on the kitchen table is still an overwhelming eyesore every time you walk past it. 

If you start to focus on the things that create stress in your life like that disorganized closet, you will soon begin to feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your life. 

If don't find some sort of calm to the mess in your life, it could end up draining your finances and even affect your health. 

Start with 5 minutes a day, one corner at a time until it's become a daily habit. If you can manage more than 5 minutes of organizing, go for it! But keep doing it because that's how real change happens. That's how in the end, when it's all organized and done, you can truly see the impact of all of your hard work. And that my friend is you in control! 

Low Self Image - If there is one thing that I've learned over the years, it's that the world can and always will be a cruel place. There will always be those who make fun of others, just as there will always be those who stand up and fight back. It's up to you to decide who you will be. 

Even if you find yourself standing on your own in a world full of people, there's no better place to be if it means being you. If it means refusing to allow toxic relationships in your life, do it! 

Don't allow others to steal your joy. Don't allow them to put you down or convince you  that you are not worth it. Not sure how? 

Decide whether or not you can distance yourself from the toxic relationship. If it's a friend, calmly explain your reason and walk away from the relationship.

If it's a family member or someone you are unable to completely avoid, silence their words in your mind and remove yourself from the environment as soon as possible. 

Sometimes it can be hard for us to see our self-worth when we have been put down more times than we care to admit. This is where you will want to surround yourself with those who respect you, lift you up, not bring you down. 

So now that you know just how powerful of a tool your ADHD can be once you choose to be in control of it, what symptom is holding you back? 

Are you more inclined to lose focus in your life? Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed every single day because of the chaotic mess that's still waiting on you? Or maybe you can't seem to shake the negative thoughts, your mindset that leaves you constantly feeling depressed, sad, and lonely. 

Knowing which of your ADHD symptoms is holding you back and what you need to do to be in control of your life is the first big step in making it happen.  You can do this, my friend!  So let's do this! 

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Written by   78
1 month ago
Topics: ADHD, Symptoms, Power, Mindset, Health, ...
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I love this article. It makes me think and assess myself. Do I have it, I think partially hahhaa. I love the last picture. A picture of a beautiful lady.

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