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The Reality of Change

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4 months ago

7th of January 2022.

Change is inevitable. It will happen when we least expect it and when we’re not ready for it.

"The reality of change is that one day, you'll look around the room and realize that the people you've surrounded yourself with at work, don't look like you. But instead of being intimidated, you'll realize that it's a chance to be the change."

It's undeniable that we live in a time where diversity is not just about numbers. The world is diverse and there are extraordinary innovators everywhere - and they're here to stay.

We believe that when women and minorities are better represented in our industries, we're stronger as a society.

The reality of change is that the action of changing happens in the physical world—the one we can touch and see.

We have all been there—feeling like we're going through the motions while we wait for some magical, life-changing thing to happen. We chase reoccurring dreams that don't always come true, but this shouldn't stop us from trying.

The reality of change is that we can't stop it. You may have grown attached to the way things are, perhaps even loving the status quo, but you can't stop time from ticking.

Everywhere you look and everything you do will slowly be transformed by the growth.

The way we acquire knowledge has changed. The way we search for information has changed. Our opinions are shaped by the influence of social media, and online data archives have sway over those who write history books.

A few years ago a story about a fictitious war would be spread through word-of-mouth. An exaggerated tale about a man falling from a building, shot by an unknown sniper was told from friend to friend and eventually made it into print.

We try to live in the present and not worry about the future. But life has taught me that it is wise to expect the unexpected.

The world we live in is changing rapidly. We have started to embrace technology at a rate that is hard to understand or keep up with. The way we communicate and learn is constantly evolving and I personally believe that we are only scratching the surface.

The truth is, there are good things coming our way, but there will be challenges along the way, as well.

We need to learn how to embrace change whenever it comes our way. We should appreciate the beauty of life.

Life is not stable. Life is not static. It's always moving, always changing, and sometimes we will be in a place where it feels like all hell just broke loose. And that's ok.

As a person who struggles with anxiety, I have had my fair share of ups and downs throughout my life and right now I'm in a state of flux.

The reality is that the way we work is changing. The gig economy is here and the concept of a job with regular income and benefits might not be what it was 10 years ago. We know that millions of people around the world are working independently, on-demand and through various online platforms, and this number is only growing.

Change is inevitable. It will happen when we least expect it. Or, as an entrepreneur, it's something that you're aware of and works towards every day. Whether you're an employee, looking to make a change in your career, or a business owner with an idea for a new company, change is the only constant.

The best way to achieve long-lasting change is to start with our actions and then slowly work our way up the ladder. We can start slow and steady, focusing on areas that we can make a difference with everyday interactions.

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Written by   99
4 months ago
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Change will forever be a part of our lives and it is inevitable.

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4 months ago

Change is inevitable, it occurs to e everyone on planet Earth. Change is completely part of life. Let me put it this way, CHANGE IS LIFE. Ability to accept change when it comes is the surest way to adapt

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4 months ago

Nice write up on change my friend... But change has many sides... It can be sad at times for example ageing and the changes that come with it... The realization that you'll leave this world soon... :(

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4 months ago

As we get to know things in life there’s always going to be a positive or negative change… the question now lies in what we do presently to try to alter any form of change later on, what we do now affects what we become later… I love your write up

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4 months ago