How do you handle not being loved

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2 years ago

18th, January 2022.


I was scrolling through my Instagram when I saw the caption above and took a screenshot

To cope, to survive, to handle, how.

It's not about 'cope with' it's about 'how to handle, that's the difference between coping and handling.

Cope is much like handling but not as good.

So, how do you handle not being loved?

I've learned a few things, hope it helps:

You're going to have, to have a lot of love in yourself. You're going to have to love yourself almost as much as they do because they don't and they never will.

You're going to have, to have the kind of love in yourself that says: 'I will still be here because I love myself and I'm going to be here because I love me'. It's the most important type of love a person can give themselves. You're going to have, to have that internal self-love and you'll need it.

How do you handle being not loved?

It's a question no one wants to ask themselves. Especially, when it is being asked by someone they don't want to be asking.

The question will come up and you will be shocked by the answer. People who are not loved, don't know how to love.

I can't think of a more devastating thing to learn. Not only, will those around you not love you; but, you will also not love yourself. The saddest thing is that you never learned how to love yourself, so it's no surprise that those who care about you don't.

This is a problem because it can lead to suicide, or it could lead to you blaming someone else in your life for your lack of love for yourself. The latter option tends to be the most common. When you don't love yourself, your actions are always based on someone else in your life.

Not loved or undervalued, do you know what it means to feel this way?

Remembering, we all have felt like this in one way or the other.

How would you handle it if you made a mistake and no one was there to cheer you up?

How do you handle, you're being not being loved.

I thought about this so hard, and I came up with some points that will help you get through this hard moment.

I believe that this feeling is just temporary. A feeling that will pass in no time. You must try to regain control of your life because situations happen, but what matters is how much you learn from it.

You may feel alone, but I’m sure the family that loves and cares about you are there for you. If this feeling is because of a person, then leave them behind and move on with your life.

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Love is surely a unique thing, it can fill your heart with joy and happiness or it can be pure pain.

The reason I am writing about this subject today is how we can deal with the not so good side of love.

Love can be bad when you are in love with someone who does not love you back.

How do you keep on living? How do you cope with this kind of pain?

Some people turn to alcohol, some turn to drugs and others turn to stalk. They keep stalking the other person.

Life is not all about being loved or having every last one love you.

It's about figuring out what makes you smile when you aren't. It's about trying to do your bit to make the world a little better. It's about doing the right thing when you would much rather do the wrong thing.

It's about choosing the hard road all the way, even when it seems a lot easier to take the easy road.

So, love yourself even when you feel unloved.

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2 years ago


Really insightful article... I am not very loved by many in real life but it doesn't bother me... Nice write up...

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2 years ago

Is just about loving yourself first and letting others see the reason to love you.

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2 years ago

You wouldn't worry about not being loved if you have little expectations from people and at thesame time believe so much in yourself. And never love someone who doesn't love you.

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2 years ago