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While I was browsing through the articles that you were writing, I found that many of you wrote about the school life that you lived, so I decided to participate in this challenge and tell you about my school life in the past years.

When I moved to high school, I had two brothers who were ahead of me at that stage and they finished their studies at the school I went to.

We were brought up at home on the love of science, perseverance and diligence, so my brothers were always among the first in their ranks, who are honored every semester as a result of their diligence and obtaining perfect grades in almost all subjects.
So when I introduced myself to the teachers and they got to know me and they knew who my brothers are, they loved me so much because they knew that I was diligent in the class and they expected me to be peaceful and not quarrelsome, but unfortunately for them the opposite happened.  Funny that's why all my teachers attached to me and loved me so much
This situation continued until a new principal was appointed for the school. She was a psychologically complex person. She put in place new illogical laws. Neither the students liked her nor even the teachers. Unfortunately, she did not know me and she did not know my brothers, so a lot of problems occurred between us, but I was always right, and the evidence is standing  My family and all my teachers to my class
However, there is one situation where I knew I was not right, but nevertheless I laughed at my opinion and did what I wanted to do.
Of course, he wouldn't hurt anyone or blame anyone, but I took full responsibility and all the obstacles I faced in this situation, and I defeated them
And you can consider this situation as a challenge to myself that I can do everything I want if you know the thinking of high school students and the extent of their limited thinking. We were all children and we do not know what we were doing.
Where everyone adheres to the idea that when you break, you know that the laws were created to be broken.  And that we should not walk with the herd, because, as they say, sheep walk in flocks, but a lion walks alone

What you know is that in the secondary stage, which is considered the first of the young men, all of them were to write a beautiful scene in order to get to know some beautiful girls.

During that period, it was considered nice for an Italian young man to tie his hair, as it was considered one of the healthiest of modern fashion, but according to the school system in which I was studying, it was not allowed for you to do too much hair extension

So I grew my hair long but I had already spoken with the discipline officer as I knew her and she knew my family so she allowed me to grow my hair Some of you will say it broke the law No, but she was very nice and allowed anyone who wanted to lengthen your hair to do it so I wasn't the only one in  The school.
But everyone was when he passed by the manager he used to hide his hair so that he wouldn't see him and cause him problems.
But I and I do not know why, but I think that it was out of challenge only. I passed by the principal and did not hide my hair or any other reaction, so she made a warning and instructed me to shave my hair as it should be shaved in accordance with the school law.
But of course I did not accept that, and when I went home, I told my mother about the matter and I persuaded her and allowed me to do the hair extension and told her to speak to the manager and give me an exception just for me
But when the manager gave me this exceptional name, he gave me this permission after the problems with the discipline officer, and my colleagues, feeling jealous of me because the official asked them to shave their hair.
This was one of the problems that I faced during the school stage, and now I will tell you the first problem that I faced when the new principal took over the administration in the school.

Where we were at the beginning of the year that preceded the graduation year, and there was the appointment of some new officials and some new managers, so a new manager and a new department official were appointed.
And we have a custom here that at the beginning of each year we have to skip school for a whole week, that is, we go to school and attend some classes, but we avoid the last three or four classes.

The principal and the person in charge of the two new departments did not have any knowledge of this custom that we do every year for that base by writing warnings to all the students of the school.
As in the system of the school in which I was studying, when three warnings were given to the student, the principal would call the student’s guardian and expel him from the school for a whole week.
The next day, when we went to the school, the principal distributed warnings to all the students of the school, but the shocking thing was that the next day after receiving the warnings, the head of the department entered and told us that we should clean the whole school. I know that this thing is not a bad thing, but when she said that this  Cleaning is the punishment for escaping I did not bear this because I had received a warning for escaping from school before, so why should I clean up.
when the person responsible for department entered the class with this, I confronted her and told her that we in the school have a cleaner who is responsible for this matter. So why should we do this? We are students. Our only responsibility is to study only, and we did not come to school to clean platinum to the school in order to learn.
As a student, it is known among my teachers that I am a diligent student and all of my grades are perfect, and that I received a warning as a result of my escaping from school, so I did not clean up.
The new head of the department, I love the strength of personality and the way of relaying ideas, and that there is a logic in what I sayBut she summoned the director to give the order directly, thinking that I would fulfill the director's orders without discussion, because she knows that everyone is afraid of this director, but she did not know who she was dealing with and that I am not afraid of anyone when I am right
When the principal came to the class I was in, the person in charge of the department called me a lawyer, because I was defending all my comrades, and they had no right to ask us such a request.
I confronted the principal and told her that we had received a penalty for our actions and that it was not within her authority to force us to do the school cleaning as it was not a regular cleaning as she wanted us to mop the walls and clean the floors with soap and water.  Ordinary cleaning, meaning that we must remove the papers from the ground
As the director was also shocked that she was not used to anyone discussing or confronting her in any decision she made.
Where I asked the person in charge of the department to take my name and not to give me permission during the whole working period.
The manager was very upset by this behavior and wanted me to apologize to her for what I had done, but I was sure that I had not done anything wrong and that she was the one who was violating our rights.
Where I went, she told the person responsible for the activity and then the school, where she knew that my relationship was very close to them and that I was in love with her daughter, so she did not expect that I would refuse her request.
But when I went to her office and told her about the thing that happened in detail, he knew that I was the one who had the right in this matter and that the principal was the one who made a mistake and that she should apologize to me and the rest of the students, so she did not ask me to apologize to her and completely ignored the issue.
Principal A was annoyed a lot with me and the responsible activities, as she put my name on her desk throughout the whole semester to remind me and reject all requests that I make of herSince you are presenting the quarterly projects, the director agreed with the lady who was responsible for my project. The lady never helped me in this project, so I wrote it myself because my father was a professor in the same subject I chose and helped me a lot.She also did not accept to discuss the project that I had written and forced me as a silly project, although she never read it. I discussed it and embarrassed her in front of all the professors that she should not say about any project that it was silly.  Anything organized, even if this project was the same jurisdiction for which it was responsible.
I told her that I no longer wanted to discuss this project, and that she should mark a project like any other project, even if I did not discuss it.
I also went to tell all the professors I know about this situation, and they all agreed and went to the principal and told her her mistake and that she should mark this project like any other project, but she was so mean that she removed a lot of grades from him and that affected my ranking in school
Regardless of the problems that the school went through, it was very beautiful times that my friends and I spent, as we did a lot of activities that were supervised by the activities manager
Since we were on every national occasion or any other occasion we used to rehearse a specific dance on a specific song to be performed in front of the school, in addition to the guests that the school invites from the municipality director
That being said, I was the one organizing the dances and training my comrades in them, in addition to his son in charge of the activities, which later became my darling.
The relationship became strong between us when we trained the students to dance, as she was the only one among them who was quick to learn.
So I was training her first so that she would help me later, and during this period we were evading many lessons in need of preparing for the school party.
Where we look every year about a month and a half and we rehearse the dance in order to master it professionally.
They were also taken to theaters sometimes to re-threat the dance we did.
In addition to the awareness campaigns that we carried out and the cultural seminars that we used to throw on many students to educate them.
As we were choosing topics of interest to young people and affecting their lives in order to educate them about their positives and negatives. We also drew attention to some common diseases and warned against them.
I remember that we once held a campaign to raise awareness about technology and its negative effects on our social relations with others and how it negatively affects people and makes people withdrawn or introverted.
We also said about an awareness campaign about the X virus, given the situation that was prevalent in our region, which was tattooing on the body, as there was a woman infected with HIV and working in this field.
As we all know that we use the needles to make tattoos on the body, this woman used to do it and take herself first in order to transmit the virus to the other person, so we made the students aware of this in order toBe careful while they do this.
My school was 4 floors underground and Tuesday above ground I was on the fourth floor We had a very beautiful view I think it was the most beautiful view ever.
What are the most beautiful memories we make during school and the friends who are with us when school is over are lifelong friends for me.

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In our school we also have that kind of law, boy's are not allowed to grow their hair as they must look neat with their school uniforms. Our principal are also strict but with her strict standards I never felt her presence in my school days, as I don't use to see her outside her office 😅.

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Hey buddy, you seem to have had a very interesting and fun high school period, I loved so many of your stories and the confidence you have

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