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My Cooking Journey for Today

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3 months ago

Today is Tuesday again, June 14, 2022, the second day of the week so it’s another busy day for everyone. So hello guys! How’s your Tuesday everyone?

Today is more special because I was assigned to cook for our lunch. Because we are teaching in a far-flung school where there is no market and food to buy, we are mandatory to buy food in our market before we bound to school. Though this is not my first time cooking, for me it is still special because I’m going to cook the favorite dish of me and my best friends which is usually done by our chef friend, so it’s a challenge for me if I could cook it perfectly as she does.

I woke up the morning at exactly 4:30 in the morning. I need to wake up as early as I can because I know how slow I am to get ready in the morning, knowing that I need to buy all the needed ingredients for my menus for today. But sadly, it took me more than 1 hour to prepare myself, so I had only a few minutes before the arrival of our service, so I need to move fast to buy the things I need.

I finished buying everything as fast as I can. Then we exactly arrived at the school at 8:00 in the morning, it took us almost 2 hours away in travel from town proper to our school.

First I have to finish my class up to 11:00.

11:00 AM

My cooking journey for today has begun…

My menus for today are: Tofu and Pork, Pakbet and Adobong Sitaw

First, I prepare all the ingredients. I started to wash all the meats and vegetables. And then, I started to cut onions and garlic. After that, I cook first our rice. But to be honest, I don’t know how to cook it, not because I don’t want to learn it but because I’m so nervous if I can pour the right amount of water to cook it perfectly. So don’t judge me please, hehe. Our school principal helps me measure the right amount of water needed.

By the way, my school principal now, my first ever teacher when I was in Kinder. And now, I’m so happy that we finally became co-workers in one school. And now, she became also my, enter now in preparing and assessing myself if I will take the path to be a school principal also or a master teacher. I’m still in the process, I’m only 26, and I still have a lot of rice to eat so basically I will cross the bridge when I get there.

So now, back to my cooking session,

I prepared everything on the table, and I start first to fried the meat and the tofu. This is not easy; I know everyone can relate, it feels like a battle when you’re frying because of the boiling oil and the fats of the pork. Though is not easy and very challenging, it took me a long time to make it all done. While cooking, I’m praying that I can make the best taste out of it and make my co-teachers want it and agree with the taste.

After that, I cooked the Pakbet that is consists of eggplant, okra, bitter guard, and beans. This is also challenging for me because it’s my first time cooking this, I just followed what my co-worker advise me on how to cook it.

And after that, last but not the least is the sweet adobong sitaw, our all-time favorite.  And of course, I’m so happy that the rice was cooked perfectly thank you to my school principal hehe.

And then I prepared the table, and at exactly 12:30 we ate our lunch. At first, I’m so nervous and feeling excited at the same time because I exerted too much effort into cooking, so I’m hoping that they will want it.

So I’m so glad to share with you, that they praised me for a job well done, and I’m so happy that everything is worth it.

The finished product:

So today, aside from cooking, I just also learned about things that make me realize in life:

Everything can learn if there’s a will.

Every day of our life is a chance for us to learn. Even if how big or small that thing is, it will be helpful for our growth and development, and I think that’s our everyday goal in life, to learn.

Appreciate someone’s effort.

I know this is a small thing for others but being appreciated by others for even the smallest effort is a big thing for me. It makes my heart flutter and makes me happy that someone can appreciate all my efforts, and it’s worth everything about it for me.

Be proud of your progress.

Yes, I’m proud. I’m proud of the food I cooked, and I’m so happy that little by little I learn how to cook better and better, especially the rice. And I’m willing to learn more about cooking.

Final Thoughts:

Do not be afraid to try new things and make everything perfect every time you do it. Do not be ashamed to seek help if you need it, it’s better to ask to make it right than to force you to do it and make everything worst.

That’s all for today, good evening everyone! How’s your day?



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Written by   63
3 months ago
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Those look really good! I like how green and crunchy the veggies look.

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3 months ago

Sarap naman sis! Gusto ko parehas. Mas magulay ako ngayon hehe. Super fresh tignan.

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3 months ago

Ang sarap ng menu mo sis.

$ 0.00
3 months ago