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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep had to stay a sleep are cause you to wake up to early and not be able to get back to sleep you feel tired when you wake up insomnia can SAP not only your energy level and mood but also your health work performance and quality of life sleeping hours varies from person to person but in adults sleeping hours should be 7 to 8 a night we have observed that adults do not sleep earlier in night due to which their mechanism disturbed at some time short term insomnia which is of short duration IT results in stress but some people have long term insomnia which remain for long duration and in chronic insomnia they have to take medications and they have to concern their medical consultant.

If you are facing these situations about your sleep you just have to change your life simply.


Insomnia symptoms are listed below:-

-waking up during night

-waking up too early

-difficulty while you are about to sleep

-feeling tired after taking night sleep

-tiredness during day time

-depression and anxiety

-difficulty in focusing

-increased errors

-ongoing worries about sleep.

When you should go to doctor?

In insomnia it becomes difficult to work whole day and for proper body functioning it becomes necessary to have a proper check up. One really should visit at least for one time to his doctor for check up. If doctor find that you have sleep disorder then he will recommend you to visit sleep center.


Sleep problems are due to many causes and they can lead to serious complicated problems. Common causes of insomnia are listed below :


Your tension about your work, job , school, home etc can lead you to stay active during night time and you keep on bothering your mind even night time. Stressful events in personal life can be cause of insomnia.

Eating much in the evening:

We should not messed up our stomach by eating too much to withstand . We should remain concern about what we are eating and should take care of our health because it is primary thing and all disorders emerges due to our diet plan . When we are having dinner we should keep in mind that after taking dinner we will sleep so we should have light dinner that when we are sleep it will not bother our sleep schedule. Many people also experience heartburn , backflow of acidic food from the stomach into esophagus which can keep you awaking.

Poor sleep habits :

Insomnia is most common in young generation because they use to sleep after 12'O clock which is alarming for their health and it can create so many problems that is also the reason not to stay active during day time. It is due to their poor sleeping habits we have adopt such silly habits which are not good for our health and draining our mind. We consider that these things are just little but they can cause serious reaction. We use to play games late at night and watching TV during nights is considered good which is extremely bad habit and we should eradicate these things from our life so that we can have a better lifestyle and we can enjoy it.

Travel or work schedule:

Your circadian rhythm acts as an internal clock which guide you about your sleep wake cycle. Disrupting your body circadian rhythm can lead to insomnia . Causes could be your disturbed schedule about your work for which you are not comfortable ..


As I mentioned earlier that insomnia (sleep disorder) is most common problem in young generation so we should take little steps to improve our lifestyle this will make us healthy and we can enjoy life in a proper way 👍💗

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We should take care of our health it should be our number one priority and we should take care of our sleeping routine it can disturb many of things

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1 year ago

Yes we should not eat before going to sleep because it can cause serious disorders like you have explained

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1 year ago

I suffered for insomnia for several days maybe because of eating before sleep.

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Wow, something that I definitely suffered from and from time to time, thank God I have implemented many habits that are helping me exponentially improve my sleep schedule.

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