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Beauty is Changing

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11 months ago

maybe the title of this article looks confusing to you now, but let me explain. I was already talking about beauty and i already told, many times, that beauty should not have a standards. We are all beautiful.

Unfortunately, beauty industry thinks that there are some standards of beauty, but they are changing. For last 100 years they have changed so many times.

We should not try to look like a standard pretty woman. We should not be finding idols, we should be original. In my opinion, original is always pretty.

In last 100 years, many women were the ideal of bauty, many totally different woman.


During the 1920s the ideal of beauty was Theda Bara. This woman was an actress and she was a star of silent movies. She appeared on the big screen, for the first time, when she was 30 years old. And, for her that was not a problem to become an ideal of beauty, she was in dreams of so many men, she was a wonderful vamp woman. Women wanted ot be her, men wanted to have her.

Source: Silnet-ology

Here is one of her photos. She had big eyes, tiny lips, black hair and pale skin. Guess what? She had self-confidence. She did not care about what other people will think. She was sure that she is good. She was making big steps and she was moving forward.

Would the 'wannabe stars' nowadays love to look like her? I guess no. We have some other standards nowadays, we think that some other things are pretty nowadays.


We are going about ten yeard forward, and now we are in 30s. Prohibition, alcohol, criminal and a lot of fun.

And, here is who is the ideal of beauty.

Source: Madame Tussauds

Marlene Dietrich. Only 10 years later, totally different woman is the ideal of beauty.

Wait, what has happened?!

If we take for example 1927 and 1932 that is only 5 years apart.

Beauty industry, what are you doing to us?

Marlene is blonde woman, tiny eyebrow, not so tiny lips. Eyes not as big as Theda's. Still pale skin.

Again, she was very sure that she is good. She loved herself, ans that is why other people aodred her. She was self confident, and you should be too.


Hedy Lamarr. Okay, I have to be honest, this woman is my favorite from the list. She was an acterss, but she was also an inventor. And, I really love women who are interested into education, who think that they have to be smart, and that beauty is not enough.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

As you can see, she has black hair, with big curls, tiny eyebrows, I am not sure if you can see that on this photo, but she had very long lashes. Her skin is not as pale as skin of two previous women.

She was successful actress, but she was also inventor, she the system of secret comunications, and army of United Stated was using that system during the World War II. After the war ended her technology was still in usage, and it was developed.

Once more, she was sure that she is good, she had her goal, and she was going forward to the top.


You guess, here we have Marilyn Monroe, but also, we have another woman, who was totally different from Marilyn, and that is Audrey Hepburn.

Let's start with Audrey.

Source: Pinterest

As we all know, Audrey was a famous actress. She was looking like a girl, and I guess that was her secret. Her eyes always looked silly and she was smiling very often. She was skinny woman with dark eyes and dark hairy. She looks like a little girl. Not like a femme fatale.

The other symbol of beauty dyring 50s is Marilyn Monroe. She is totally different from Audrey. Curves, blonde hair, red lips. She was a femme fatale.

Here is her photo.

Source: The Celegraph

Two totally different women, and both of them looked amazing. Both of them were symbols of beauty. You cannot tell that one of them is prettier than the other one, because they are totally different and you cannot even compare them.


In this decade we have again two symbols of beauty. One of them is Twiggy. Skinny, tall, blonde woman. Straight long hair, blue eyes, long lashes. Also, she had periods with very short hair, and we can say that before Twiggy, we did not have many woman with that hairstyle.

She was original, noone was like her, and that is the secret of her success.

Source: Pinterest

I personally love this photo of her. She looks like a Barbie doll on that photo. Just, she looks natural, and Barbies does not. Her hair is georgeous there. Golden hair is still one of symbols of beauty.

Other woman that was a symbol of beauty is Elizabeth Taylor. Black hair, not very long, curves, dark blue eyes and usually red lips.

Source: pacific Standard

On this photo we can see her as Cleopatra, and she does not have red lips, but her dark blue eyes are taking breath away.

Again two totally different woman.

Both of them amazing.


Farrah Fawcett, natura. beauty. She looks like a girl next door, well like an amazing girl next door.

When I compare her to all other women on this list, she looks more realistic to me, she looks like someone who you can see on the street. When I say this, I mean, her makeup was always natural and neautral, no glam looks.

And, if you ask me, I like that a lot.

Source: ABC News

Her 10 million dollars smile is taking breath away.


Decade of Scarface and the star of Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer. Blone girl, blue eyes. Dream of many men from 80s. Women wanted to look like her and men wanted to have a girl, who looks like her.

Source: Amazon

Her hair was changing, but she was always blonde. She was always she. She was not changing a lot. That means that she loves herself a lot, and that is great.

Nobody is her, and many want to be like her.


Well, this decade is not easy at all, we have many pretty woman during this period, but I wanted to talk about Sharon Stone.

I mean, I do not have to talk a lot abou her. Catwoman, Basic Instincs. Scene where she is crossing her legs in Basic Instincts. We all know that scene. In my opinion, point of that scene is not porn, is not vulgarity, the point is her beauty, her attitude. She thinks that she can do everything, that she can have it all. And, she can.

Source: The Business Standard


2000s and amaizng Monica Bellucci. Italian star. She can be everything and anything. She can be blonde, redhead, brunette, she can have black hair. I am pretty sure that she would be pretty even if she had no hair. She is so proud and at the same time so kind. She is really unique, and I guess that that is why people love her so much.

This is not a photo of her when she was 20 or 25 years old, I just wanted to show that woman can proudly wear her age, without plastic surgery.


We can put many woman here, but I decided to put Beyonce here. Pop star, amazing voice, amazing face, amazing body. I do not have a lot to tell about her. She looks really amazing.

Source: GQ


We started from 1920s and now we are in 2020. There are many women, who are pretty nowadays, but I would love to leave this empty. You can choose who is your favorite, and, please share that with us in comment section.

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Avatar for SuncicaZ
Written by   154
11 months ago
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Thank you for remind us how is beauty present and these women from world of show business really describe that. They have natural beauty, natural behavior and attitudes. Even they have some of plastic surgeries they didn't do that with overloading and that would be so evident. Gal Gadot and Robbie Margo are also very beautiful, and it is a little harder to stay immune to todays influence for getting most perfect parts of body without surgeries. Brave woman act with they natural beauty and that is just fine. Long live these fabulous women!

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11 months ago

Everyone is pretty, and all those women are pretty trough all those 100 years. All of them, from the first to the last one. Just standards are trying to change it. Beauty industry wantes to make beauty standards and to have us looking like they want us to look.

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11 months ago

You are right. They need to stay as they are. That is real beauty of the Beauties!

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11 months ago

Wow, a well-written article. Love it!

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11 months ago

I like Sharon Stone the most, all women are beautiful, since the genetics have changed very little, all of them would still look like this today, only the hairstyles, clothes and make-up would be different.

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11 months ago