Day 9: Write About Your Love

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Welcome back, friends! Hope you all are fine. I'm also fine.

So, this is the 4th day of our challenge. If anyone miss last 3 days then links are below go and read them. Our today topic is "Write About Your Love" according to our schedule.

So, lets start our day!

"Write About Your Love"

Well, I'm not going to tell you my love story like rest of the people, i just tell you a few aspects thn you can definitely understand.

Love i didn't know when i was a kid. No one knows in childhood. Mother's love is not real love, it is just a responsibility that mother fulfills.

Let me write my love, he is seven years bigger than me. But age is just a number, this is an argument from lovers. People say that love is intentional but I would say that when there is love, man does not think of himself. He talks about his beloved all day and all night.

Does this is love to understand anyone ? So, definitely "No". Love doesn't mean you have to think about it all day and call it love. The real meaning of love is to love someone more than yourself. In love, you have to end everything ego, attitude etc.

Love does not need to be expressed. But love needs communication. If you have no connection with your love, you are far away, then this is not love. If you keep yourself alone, it means you don't love yourself. You don't want contact. This is how love ends.

Love does not require quantity but continuity. If you love someone and complain about it, then it does not come in any kind of love. Love is the name of eliminating grievances.

In love, you also like the bad of your love. Love is not the name of life . But love is the name of the feeling that makes you alive. There is so much to endure in love. Love is the name of a passion that never ends if it is true.

One sided love is also love. As a example, If you are investing and the opponent is not doing it, then it is not your fault. Love is a rope that is broken when it is not pulled by either side. That's why one-sided love hurts more than two-sided.

Finding someone is not love at all. People fall in love a lot. They even risk their lives. But doing so is not beneficial. What caused you to die is that after your death she will start living her life againَُ. And she will pretend that nothing happened.

Some people fall in love and become poets. All poets are born out of love. Well, i also written some wordy in love, hope so you will like it.

I love you so much, 

Thats being tough,

For those who talk about my love,

I think they need a pack of dove,

I see life from too far,

That's why i close to you,

Just realize those moments,

We walk along through,

I am so touchy in your case,

Otherwise, i take cases as base,

Love is a hurrdle experience,

We forgive many things,

You're my Autumn,

And I'm your spring,

I remember you as my life,

Will you become my wife, 

That's all for today. I could have written more but for now thats enough.

Thanks for reading.

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