Day 6: Write About Your Family

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Hey, yoo what's up guy's

As you all know, all my friends are fulfilling the challenge of 30 days routine so I am also start to join it. But my competition will be a little different. Everyone is doing it for 30 days but I will do it for 11 days. So why wait? Watch my 11 days schedule...

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So As you know our family is not so big and it would be very difficult to write a whole article about it, so I am going to start this schey from 6th date of Jun means from today, so lets start.

Write About Your Family

Well, My family consists of three people means my father, mother and me. I am the only son of my parents. We all live together. For the first 2/3 years, I have been living with my mother bcz of my parents quarrel, but the quarrel no longer run bcz of court (they solve the issue b/w my parents), which is why we are living together again.

I am so touchy with my family

Yes, this is right. I have never been feel shy in front of my parents. I tell them what is in my heart. This is how the bond between parents and son rise. We live like friends. And my dad's temper is soft. That's why my mom sometimes gnashes at me, but We have never had a bad fight.

One-Son problem

Well, I told you above that my parents have only one son, which is why my dad sometimes gets upset and nervous. But this is not anyone's fault and my mom has convinced to Dad many times. But my dad always feel worried at this topic.

Understanding between my parents

My parents' wedding was a love marriage. Mom says they met at the university. That is why they fell in love with each other. And their love for each other still stands. The understanding between them is excellent. They agree on any decision between each other. It's not that they don't pay attention to me. My parents loves me too much.

I can't write it anymore on this topic

Hey buddy, thanks for reading. I'm a little upset because sleep deprivation is so bad. But I was trying my best. So bye bye for now and hopefully we meet again tomorrow.

A big thanks to my beloved friend @meitanteikudo for giving such a amazing community.

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