Day 8: Write About Your High School

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Hello guys, i hope all you're fine. So let's our today's article.

Well, this is the third day of my 11 days schedule challenge. If you haven't read the previous articles, click on the below link to read them.

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See, schedule for coming up articles and then we talk again.

Yup, today the date was 8th of june and our today topic is "write about your high school". So let's begin our journey.

High School

My high school was named CARE High School No. 5. It was close to my village, about half a kilometer away. I have been from this school till 10th class. This school teaches only blow 10Th. I have spent ten years of my life here. And today I can say that my school is and was the best.

1st Class

Some children do not go to school in the first class. But I had a passion for learning things from the beginning. In the first class, we had a female teacher by name "Miss Khadija". Her mood was a bit harsh and she was always angry. I don't know why but she was. She could even beat children. But she did not beat those who did all the school work. She would come on the school bus with the children and sometimes bring her youngest daughter with her. His daughter was very sweet and she studied with us.

Class 2nd-5th

As our rank increased, our classes and teachers will also changed. Class 2nd-5th, We had a teacher named "Sir Sajid". He was not in a bad mood and used to talk to children in a friendly mannerَِ. I can say that he was one of our good teachers. And I have learned a lot from him and I respect him the most. He took our class for three years from 2nd to 5th. But later he dropped out of school because of some reasons.

Class 6th

Generally, My best friends were in class 6th with me or meet me. If I want to name this class, I will give it "My Friends Class". Because I had a lot of friends in it. This time our class was incharged by "Miss Ramzana". She was very gentle and good-naturedُُ. I understand them very well every topic. I liked that teacher very much. Because of their good manners.

Class 7th-8th

In class 7th-8th, there was "Miss Sehrish" who incharged our class two years. Their way of learning was very different. His understanding came very quickly and well. Because of their hardwork, I got 2nd position in 7th class. They were one of the happiest moments of my life. I can't forget them.

Class 9th-10th

These were the days that no one in life can forget. In this class we were going to take the first step of life. Our class was incharged by "Miss Samia". Their learning style was so much different than anyone. She was adorable, humble and polite. She is friendly with every child. These were very precious moments for our life or our future. In this class our exams was takenend by different boards. I got 341 numbers out of 550 in 9th. And my 10th result was coming soon. Cz our papers have just ended on May 25th and hopefully our result is to come in the month of Aug.

Overall experience

Speaking of experience, it was great. There are always difficulties along the way. But I'm 100% satisfied about my school experience.

If you have any valuable school memories or experience, share with us.

Thanks for reading delicious people...

Jun 08, 2022

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