Traveling in the World of Fiction

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Article's Title: Traveling in the World of Fiction
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Yesterday, we discovered the world of BCH through sharing the list of my articles that have something that talks about bitcoin cash. So for today, we are going to the other dimension because we will be traveling to the world of fiction, where anything is possible.

Just in case you did not know, fiction is a work of imagination of the writer. The story itself is an invention, including the characters, the storyline, the script, and sometimes even the setting or the location where many exciting events in the story are held. Note that it does not claim to narrate a real story. Instead, it lets us travel to any place, helps us to experience something that we may never have in real life, among others. Also, it can motivate us, entertain us, frighten us, terrify us and interlock us in new ideas about something like this and something like that.

Let us start the list with the stories, which are all fiction, that I have written.

1st Season

[1] Silent Vengeance the Series I

This is the first part of the first series I have published on this platform. The genre of this story is a mystery. It is mainly about a girl who appeared one day in the middle of the woods where she met one of the main characters. No matter how hard the antagonist do, they will just end up being losers. In this chapter, three of the main characters were introduced, and different events had happened.

To know more about it, click the title.

[2] Silent Vengeance the Series II

This article contained the second part of the story. It has an event where the main antagonist tried to bully the protagonist again. It is just so bad for the antagonist because her actions only lead to her own karma. If you want something where the lead almost wins every time, this is a must-read.

To know more about it, click the title.

[3] Silent Vengeance the Series III

It is the third chapter, and it is the turning point of events. Something will happen to the enemy leader, which will have an impact. It is something a bit predictable, but the coming events are surprising. You better read the series because you will also be thrilled.

To know more about it, click the title.

[4] Silent Vengeance the Series IV

This is the last part of the first season. Each season has a different title. This is where you could read one of the most impactful events that play a significant role in the story's flow. Before proceeding to the next season, make sure that you have read these four chapters in the first season to understand what is happening in the current season.

To know more about it, click the title.

2nd Season

[5] No More Silence I

No More Silence is the title of the second season, and in this season, more characters were introduced. It will bring you to a different setting where the characters have to undergo a test that may or may not lead them to betray one another. Note that comments are allowed in order to make the story more interesting.

[6] No More Silence II

It was published at a later date because I put it on hold due to my class schedule. I have to prioritize my studies and just continue writing this series once I get enough time to think about the scenario and write it. Anyway, this part is where you can have clues as to the protagonist's purpose of doing the thing she did in the past chapter.

Filipino Counterpart

[7] Babalik Sa'yo

It is the same story as what is mentioned above. I just translated it into the Filipino language for those who have a hard time understanding the original story written in the English language.

[8] Babalik Sa'yo: Ikalawa

This is the continuation of the story. If ever there is an error, you can tell me so that I can check it as soon as possible.

[9] Babalik Sa'yo: Ikatlo

This one is the third part, and the same events and names were used. If there are changes, they are just minor changes.

[10] Bumalik ba Sa'yo?

This is the end of the first season. This version portrays the same feeling, just like what you can feel in the English one.

Writing is my hobby, and writing stories is one of my favorites. These articles contain my stories; I hope that you find them interesting. They are open to comments and suggestions; that is why feel free to comment down. Just like what I always say, "If you have a dream that you want to come true, come out from your shell and keep achieving it. Keep your passion raging and give your best."

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