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Enriching the reading experience

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4 months ago
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Day 9 (Day 8).

First of all! I had promised for today a fresh new track. I just finished mixing and uploading it. See below. :0)

Some time ago, I initiated the Sunday Music here on my blog ReadCash. Every Sunday, I proposed a music choice just to share good vibes. It can be particular artist, or a genre, a mix of genres and artists, etc.. So every Sunday, you have music to discover, or re-discover on a dedicated publication. So obviously, when I publish my articles during the week, and no matter what the subject is, you will discover music too. Mine, since I am above all an artist musician composer under the name of Solar Phasing, and/or those of other artists of all styles and from all over the world, known, less known, or not known at all. Music is based on emotions and feelings. If it is good, it is good. Simply put!

This musical sharing is a way to enrich the reading experience and share good vibes. Whatever happens, you have and will always have music to listen to on my publications. Obviously nobody is obliged to listen to it, everyone is free to do it or not. It's just there, at your fingertips. However, I believe that a majority of my readers click to listen, whether it is to enrich the experience or out of curiosity. Thank you for reading me, first, and then for taking the time to listen to the music. :0)

I was away from ReadCash for a period of 6 months, which is a long time. On some social media, 6 months later, nobody knows you anymore, haha ha. Just kidding! :0)) I'm back since 10 days, and I think I'll keep posting blogs regularly. I've set this as my goal. Like a challenge. To share my life experience and my work on music. From one subject to another. Writing is liberating. Gratifying, too. I like it. I like to read people too on different subjects. We love to write. We all learn from each other, sharing is an enriching experience.

Ok, great! But today Sunday Music?

Today, It's not a really one.. but it's one?! I mean, I schedule to write a short Sunday Music blog every Sunday. Today it's more a long one to explain a bit the idea and the context of things. A recap.

Let's dive into French Electronic Music with Jean Michel Jarre, a live concert from Théâtre Marigny, Paris -France, from his "Oxygène" well known Album! Enjoy. :0)

And.. Something more experimental. It's modular electronic experimental conceptual compositions from the 70's, published later on 2000's, by Eliane Radigue: L'Ile Re-sonante. (Golden Nica, Ars Electronica 2006, Shiiin, 2005). This is a sonic experience, and not every one will like it, but feel free to clic "play" to discover the mood this french compositor tried to transcribe. Kind of a meditative Drone. Evolving, slowly. For a peaceful Sunday.

Album or EP design.

Conceptual Albums are something fascinating. Because an artist can record tracks, which may not be directly related to each other, and then, once you have enough of them, release is as an Album. But it is more interesting for a musician-composer like me to start with a concept idea and create an Album developed on that idea. I now work this way, with a few rare exceptions. My next works after the release of Electronic Patterns, like Machines or Missing Time are all conceptual ideas. Machines, is based on the idea that after an nuclear apocalypse on earth, machines start to communicate with each other. But they couldn't before. Missing Time is based on an abduction experience with Aliens, and missing time, related to the UFO phenomenon.

Trying to build a story with a musical development of the Album in a coherent way. The tracks, their title, their relationship between them, etc.. Telling a story, but in music. There is a multitude of conceptual albums, for the most famous, let us quote for example Pink Floyd.

About my current music work

I continue to work on my next album which is called "Electronic Patterns". It's been ten days now, and each passing day, I'm getting a little bit further. It is now a goal! To conclude this project, release the Album, to move on to another one, new or pending. I had promised on my last post to share a new track at the next blog. I will share some today.

We are always very happy to come back home. There is a kind of proverb in France that says "We only feel good at home". And It's true, I think. so let's "Going Home"! It's one of the tracks, I don't like the term "commercial" very much, but I would say: "Grand Public" or "easy to listen" about this Electronic Patterns Album, which is completely influenced by the BerlinSchool electronic music wave of the 70's. Which is still going on nowadays. So, for today.. Going Home! Freshly mixed, nearly finished. The theme may be familiar to you, as I had shared a little bit of this composition during the recording process on one of the Trailers of the Crowdfounding campaign. Well, I think I like it. Let me know if you like it too! :0)

Listen to the previous [Sunday Music]:

I hope to share one more fresh totally new track tomorrow. Not sure, but It could. Depending on my progress tomorrow morning.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday! :0) Thanks to read me!

You can listen more of my music on Soundcloud or Audius.

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Written by   153
4 months ago
Topics: Art, Culture, Music, Community,, ...
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Your "Electronic Patterns" are awesome.

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4 months ago

Thank you very much! Your comment is appreciated. :0) Have a peaceful day!

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4 months ago

Great stuff, I really like this electronic music, Jean Michel Jarre is iconic and a legend. Nice work with the soundcloud mix too, keep it up.

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4 months ago

Thank you very much to stop by. And for your comment! :0) Have a great day.

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4 months ago