An update about the Music Blockchain!

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Day 6. (Day 5).

One year after my last article on the subject, where are we?

My point of view is a point of view as an artist who produces music, and therefore expects services that allow you to commercialize your music, whether by streaming, selling albums or tracks, aggregating your albums or singles on different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others, selling derivative products, selling licenses for the rights to use your music, and the creation of NFTs. I think I'm not forgetting anything.. Also, It would be ideal to have all these services on one strong platform, like: Audius, for example.

There is various projects on the blockchain music, but very few really stand out, and especially.. have the potential assets to really succeed. Indeed! On paper, the majority of these Music Blockchain Platform seem promising, but in reality, for the moment, things are different and are evolving so slowly, and sometimes not even, that we are at some point entitled to ask ourselves the "why?"! But, we need to keep faith. Have we the choice?

Some of these platforms are probably using us, artists, to speculate and make money, and maybe even a lot of money. No more, no less! And the longer this hype of promise lasts, the more money they will make. Before they give any back! In the meantime, your tracks are played and you don't earn a cent of royalties. Either because the remuneration system has not been implemented yet, or because for the moment your earnings are still not available. However, for some of these platforms, we are now two years or more after their creation, or their smashing announcements of (revolutionary) music industry. For most of them, the interfaces have not evolved, or only a very little, and with only a few additional features proposed, like the implementation of NFTs, for example, for the most important.

Some music of mine, for a best reading experience. Just click!

Thank you so much for my new Sponsor @francis105d1 !! :0) You #Rock the #BCH World!

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Now I'll give you a quick overview about the actual situation. These words are my own. I will not be soft. I will take the time to develop more details for each platform in the near future.


Last year at this time the challenger in the field was Audius. And you know what? It still is! Unquestionably! The price of the $Audio token has gone from a price of $0.20 last year in January 2021 to a high at $4.95 in march 27, and is now hovering around $1.05. The token has still gone up by a factor of 5, despite the cryptocurrency market barely starting to recover. For sure, It's a token to follow because it will go high again and up to his best price, and more very soon. In August 2021 Audius announced a partnership with TikTok. The future looks bright with strong crypto backers and great worldwide artists supporting the project.

Below you can look at the table of Tiers. So, for example, to be able to release some NFTs you need to buy and stack 100+ $Audio on your Audius Wallet on the platform, or to got them from the October 2020 rewards as early supporter. Today, for the Tier 3, 10 000 $ Audio is $10 000. If you sold your previous Audius rewards, gasp! Note that you can see on the profile of the artists to which tier they belong, the corresponding badge is displayed. As the platform is build with a governance token, the more tokens you hold, the more power you have in decisions. "Don’t just own the masters. Own the platform", they said.

Important! The lastest news, February 07, 2022. Very good news!

Monetization on his way!

Check: Proposing $AUDIO Rewards On Solana.

[...]"$AUDIO Rewards is the culmination of many months of team engineering effort, building upon existing entities in the Audius ecosystem and adding new ones – including a bridged SPL $AUDIO token on Solana. The engineering work completed for Rewards establishes key technical infrastructure and paves the way for monetization development, though it itself is not monetization – it is a system designed to provide small amounts of $AUDIO to many users and incentivize top of funnel activity."[...]

[...]"Solana already processes hundreds of thousands of Audius transactions every day, supporting key protocol functionality such as listen counts. Establishing an SPL token is the next major step in the protocol’s integration with the Solana ecosystem, enabling fast and cheap transfers of $AUDIO for $AUDIO Rewards and future monetization efforts."[...]

Audius still look very strong to keep the challenger in this music blockchain adventure! If you ask me to recommend you only one? It's Audius! As artist or Music Lover. Both. Collabs and remixes is part of everyday there. Check it out!


I remain very divided and undecided about Emanate. Maybe I didn't understand all the issues. But.. simple and basic things like creating playlists are still not even available yet. However, you can already subscribe to the platform's services. Which ones, in the end? I let you visit the site, as a music lover. I don't think you will want to subscribe. An artist who would not have stacked 5000 or 10000 EMT, depending on the subscription subscribed, Music Lover or Pro, will not even be able to recover his royalties, still for the moment not available to withdrawal. Pay us money first!

A better look at the subscriptions, and the services.

Hold or pay! Both sides, you need to put money out.

But "Hey guys!", without the artists, no music catalog! :0)

EMT value is now at $0.019 and was at his high at $0.19, so, 10 times down now. Wait & see.

The whole interface suffers from its prehistoric ergonomics. A major flaw, I think. Which for my part does not encourage me to invest in it. For the moment, I sold my first 5000 EMT stacked. I will see later..

One thing cool about Emanate (as for Audius) is that the community is engaged in Remixes Contests with nice prizes., or artists collaborations. The community seems active on this subject. The newsletters are frequent announcing these events. So, if you like this creative side, check Emanate. You can also distribute your music online throught Emanate. Let me know if I miss something I don't understood about Emanate!?


Since the last year at the same period, nothing really new on Rocki. You need a KYC verification in order to cashout, but.. once done.. you still can't! What a surprise.. I've seen the old Token "$Rock" jump to 8 bucks or more last summer. As they migrated and created a new token on Binance Smart Chain, now you can't check how the old $Rock was doing over the ETH Mainnet ($8 or more, I don't remember exactly). The price is now $0.15, still better than Choon (yep, Rocki was previously Choon). But $8 to $0.15, what a dive. But still nice, I think.

You will find an Artist Found on top right of the website to help you with NFT creative process, and more. It's a good point! I've been accepted, I now need to apply. I will keep you in touch with this part too. It can help some of you. Let see how Rocki will go forward. I need to check how music NFT creation operate.


After his first swap in December 2020, Musicoin should have done a second one so as not to leave on the side of the road all those who for one reason or another could not do the first one. 90% or more of the holders. Ok! This second swap should have taken place in May 2021, but things did not go as planned. First thing, the migration of all the Data to a new server. The migration to the Skale blockchain was also difficult, and even with a few extra developers, the devs team had to fix many bugs. The test server phase should open soon to some users. And if everything goes well, the migration to the main chain, with a new website and the second swap!! & I hope it strongly!

The team is in the process of validating and signing an agreement, and an organization has also been created to manage the legal and administrative side of the project. Fingers crossed, Musicoin is about to rise from the ashes. Remember that it is a community project from now on. So you can participate too. Join the Telegram Channel for more informations. Don't hesitate.

I still have Aurovine to explore, I haven't had the time or opportunity to do so yet. And he is relaunching. We have to be patient. As usual. There are some others blockchain music platforms, but I won't have time to explore them all before the end of my Album in preparation: "Electronic Patterns".

Thank you for your kind support! To take the time to read me. & See you, friends. :0)

Spotify is here: & Apple here:

And more on Soundcloud or Audius.


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I applaud your efforts around electronic music and monetization. Independent musicians must explore the monetization opportunities on blockchain-based platforms.

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1 year ago

Upvote routine... but what a gem! Electrons Rock! I loved when the Bass Drum kicks in... reminds me of my years as a raver. The stereo effects are nice also and so is the mixing.

"Prehistoric ergonomics" hahahaha! "You either adapt or you die"! Great article and even better music. Nice to see you back on the platform SolarPhasing. I've been demoralised recently because Canada is now moving to "Full vaccination passport" bullsh*t. :(

But the truckers have given me hope! And so does your music! Keep it up!

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1 year ago

Hey friend!

Thank you very much! I'm glad to see you too. You publish quality articles on always interesting subjects! :0)

I am delighted that you like these titles. Yes, the kicks are good... it pulses, I think so. The drums are quite worked, especially on "Moon Dance" in terms of progression. I have a couple of tracks like that coming out soon. Keep in touch! I will prepare a download of "Electron Rock" as soon as I can, for you.

Yes this movement, it's phenomenal, it's good! People are fed up. We have to hold on. Don't give up! It could spread to France.

Here vaccination is not yet "compulsory", but without the health pass, now the vaccination pass, with 3 vaccines up to date, you are not allowed to do much anymore. Which is the same thing: "mandatory without being mandatory". No more concerts, outings, bars, etc. etc.

Thank you very much for your support! :0) I am very happy to give you positive vibes!

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1 year ago

Downvote routine. No matter! ;0)

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