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About Bitcoin Cash from a small French town.

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4 months ago

Day 7 (Day 6).

A fact.

Yesterday I was exchanging some opinions with a ReadCash member about cryptocurrencies and their global adoption by people all around the world. What he was saying in his publication was very relevant about how, in the end, not that many people use or know about the world of cryptos, compared to the entire global population. And having adopted it as an alternative or an opportunity to more freedom. Cryptocurrencies over Paypal are only available in USA, and now in UK. As Bitcoin Cash is one of the crypto assets Paypal choose, we can hope more and more people adoption when Paypal cryptos will be opened in much more countries.

ReadCash role.

About this massive adoption, it is very important to mention that ReadCash (and NoiseCash) is one of the most important democratization and adoption initiatives of cryptocurrencies, through the Bitcoin Cash! And maybe even the entire cryptocurrency universe. I don't know, let me know, but I don't see of any other. With a philosophy and a human dimension like Readcash. The website we love have a major role! We would probably be very surprised to find out how many people have now adopted Bitcoin Cash from landing here! Thanks to the devs to build our favorite blogging platform, and to the all donators, especially @MarcDeMesel, without whom this would not be possible. This man is a visionary! :0)

Not to mention that through ReadCash, hundreds, even thousands of people, can now get their heads above water, and finally see a better future for themselves and their families. We can sometimes read through various testimonies how difficult life can be in some countries. All these people who were struggling to survive on a daily basis and who testify about the opportunity to pay their bills and eat their fill. But also, building projects, sharing experience, knowledge, and their history. Creating communities to spread the word all over the world! :0)

To accompany your reading: Lisa Bella Donna - The MotherShip II.

Let's go back to the previous discussion.

I pointed out to this readCash member that I myself, living in France in a small town of 17,000 inhabitants, in my friends or close acquaintances, no one except only one, used or is interested in the world of cryptocurrency. Do you believe it? It's real! I sometimes talk about it with musicians I meet or work with or play music with, and they don't get it! They clearly don't see the potential and the possibilities. Definitely don't seem interested or challenged. Other than small questions of curiosity, no real interest. Even a certain indifference. As if the subject was disturbing and scary. Maybe they see it like the stock market, volatile and very risky. They are afraid. Or even thinking that it is illegal.

When I play live in the summer with my rock band, I wear a "Bitcoin Cash" shirt that I bought from a link shared here on ReadCash in March 2021, recommended by a well-known user on ReadCash. It is currently my favorite Shirt! I feel like an advertiser you know, haha.. ha.. (joking). From memory, I think there was only one person who asked me about it at a show, which was "Oh yeah, Bitcoin! Do you have some? Are you saving them?". I said, "Be careful, it's not Bitcoin, it's Bitcoin Cash! It's not the same thing at all! Not even the same philosophy!". And then, "Oh yeah?!", and he walked away. He would have seemed interested I would have taken the time to explain it to him what is Bitcoin Cash. At each concert I often talk with many people. I can see that they notice my shirt, and the "Bitcoin Cash" logo, but no dialogue or questions takes place, for the moment.

It often seems that there are so many people involved in the crypto sphere. But in everyday life in your circle, there are no much crypto lovers, most likely. On the websites we use, we're among enthusiasts, so we're used to perhaps thinking that this is something that's very common IRL. But no, not at all. At least not in my region in France in a small town of 17000. Leave me your comments to tell me how the situation is in your countries, your cities and even villages, it will be interesting. :0)

But don't worry, more and more people will take the plunge, because it's inevitable. It's the future !

Genesis, Part 1 & 2 - Demo (Preview).

A few words about the work on the current album.

I've been working on drum parts with two Korg Volka series hardware synthesizers since yesterday. The Volka Beats and the Volka Sample. By synchronizing them with my DAW via MIDI, they allow me to create drum parts in real time. With a multitude of variations and subtleties. It's the first time I work this way with these little machines. They are incredible! Incredibly powerful! And very organic.

I will do an article to present these Korg synths!

I'm on NoiseCash, and MemoCash, under the same nickname: Solar Phasing. & You'll find me everywhere with this nickname, since it's my artist name.

Feel free to like and comment if you appreciate!

See you soon. & Much love. ! :0)

For my Solar Phasing music, it's there: Soundcloud or Audius.


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Written by   153
4 months ago
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Las criptomonedas son el futuro ya cercano los cuales los grandes bancos no quieren emplear su método de empleo porque les quita su lugar y les da perdidas en cuanto a su antiguo método de trabajo saber todo acerca del movimiento del efectivo ,Muy buen artículo me gustó mucho .

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4 months ago

Regarding the banks, that's exactly right! Besides the fact that your own money is not really yours. Thanks for your message! :0)

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4 months ago

The narrative that Bitcoin = SOV has unfortunately damaged the entire crypto space. People perceive cryptocurrencies like shares and not as currencies and means of payment. And a lot of people don't want to speculate with stocks because they are afraid of price changes and losses. This is unfortunately the truth and it will take a very long time before the perception changes. In the long run, only adoption can change it. And especially the people in the third world will be the drivers of cryptos as a means of payment. There, not everyone can have a credit card or PayPal to pay on the internet.

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4 months ago

Hey man,

Thank you so much to comment, and for your support! :0)

Yes, there must be a lot of that, a fear. For lack of information, of good information. But it's very strange, the subject is disturbing. They don't want to discuss it more than a quick overview. They also have the impression of something that does not really exist, unreal, virtual. Many like their little comfort of "modern slavery" too!

But things will change. (as you said it in your last publication) They are moving! Slowly, but surely! :0)

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4 months ago