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Hi there, it is me SirPotato the one and the only who brings you help to make some cash online. Becouse I like to help others and share my knowdlege at finding legit sites that pays worldwide, you can also taste some of online $ pie, thanks to SirPotato. No investment is needed so you can start for free.

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Potato 1

ySense is a global online community with multiple earning options. Join now and start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, Appen Tasks and more works worldwide. If you stick well to the informations that you have provided in your profile information then you will be getting more surveys in the future, it si good to always provide the same postal code, same date of birth, etc. It is good to save your answers in txt.document so you will never forget your filled profile answers, and it is very important because with no false informations given, ysense will give you more surveys in the future. Survey profile can be filled only one time after registration.

installing ysense addon will automatically notify you for any survey that is active for you ysense addon

Withdrawal to : Amazon-Starting from $5.00 / Amazon ES-Starting from $20.00 / Amazon GBP-Starting from $32.50/ Amazon IT-Starting from $10.00/ Payoneer Starting from $52.00 / PayPal Starting from $10.00/ Reward Link Italy Starting from $10.00 / Skrill Starting from $5.05

more at SirPotato article

Potato 2.


Earn $0.05(rest of the world) to $0.10(I tier country USA,UK,Germany,...) per click depends on your region.

very simple matter of browsing the web, in practice it looks like we get some potato links that appear automatically with auxiliary words on the serpclix website, then next we have to work with potato google search engine, copy the given words from the serpclix website, paste them in google searcher and we only have a mission to find the target website. You don't have to search for too long time because the page itself is highlighted in orange colour to make your work much easier, thanks to the downloaded additional browser extension of serpclix. On the random potato website, you need to wait only 30 to 120 seconds to get the payment to your account and then repeat the process with the next links. Monthly payouts is always on the 1st of each month, the minimum payout is 5euro on paypal. Just leave the page open in your background and simply do other things that you usually on your main browser do till you get notifed that you can do some ads job. Make sure that youre logged in into your account and on you serpclix addon browser then simply let in run on the backround! SirPotato earnings :

Potato 3.


To start earning with this site, we must first register at and provide the same true information on both pages so that all data is correct (NOTE - the email account during registration must have the same e-mail we have on the paypal account). Then we sign up for twitchfallowers. We earn between 0.015 and 0.05 cents "per click" liking watching and fallowing channels. For the standard account there is a daily maximum earnings limit of $ 1 ( premium option let you earn unlimited potato $ daily), so as a free guest you can earn $ 20-30 a month here. To be eligible for a cash withdrawal, your account email must have a verified PayPal email address. Any withdrawal request using an email address that is not verified by PayPal will result in the credits being forfeited and refunded to the sponsors. Paypal withdrawals from $ 20.


If you want more just

leave your positive comment about Sir Potato research

Potato 4.


what If you want to take some surveys that are really worth your time. Here and now riding on our bicycle with my friendo we spotted best survey/study website. Earning from one study as low as 0,10 pounds up to 10 pounds+. Price is set by researcher so sometimes you may be lucky to find a high paying study. Minimum to cashout is 5 british pounds to paypal.

heres my proof of 10+ pound study

and remember to be gently as SirPotato and patient as panda on the tree then you will acquire the power of SirPotato in making some extra human cash online.

SirPotato was on small trip to harvard university, humans still keep asking how to make more money. Im busy potato

Potato 5


As a study PotatoProfesor I can let you know that you can lend your mind to science and get paid for it. Surveys paid from 0,50 up to 10$ per survey. Be nice potato and answer nicely so you may get bunus cash from potato researchers. Minimum to cashout 10$ to paypal, 1$ to Revolut. The registration proces is a bit unique here as they will ask you to provide your real ID and a photo of your face as a "scan check" so if you want to take money from this website you will have to reveal your real potato face. This security system protects Testableminds from bots and other bad deeds that evil humans often do

Under potato reasearch I have found a flying object U.F.O.BEE. that shared me some tips where to look for honey

potato 6


Good for people who have unlimited internet or a lot of free gigabytes on their phones. Nothing is better than a potato in a honey marinade. Here and now you can download the app on your smartphone, laptop or pc and simply let it run. Your mini bees will take care of gathering bucks to your potato wallet, its completly passive. minimum to payout is 20$ to your paypal can get 5$ at start with code of SirPotato QPIOTBA6C2 or any other code that you will find, maybe your potato friend has an account there already so you can use his code but if you dont , feel free to use SirPotato code which makes me very happy potato this year.

Potato 7


Beer forum is tasty as crunchy potato, on this forum humans writing ways of how to make cash online. For every post you can earn 20 beer points=0,02$ for every thread you make you will earn 0,10$, you can also be tiped by other beer users. On marketplace section you can do minitasks created by other humans (example jobs: like the you tube channel,register,write positive comment,download application, etc...) and also get paid for it, prices are random and set by human creators. Here you will learn and earn, humans will also tells you which website is legit and which is turning into scam. There are many ways to earn money here but to be potato short, 1000 beer points equals 1$ minimum to get the payout is 5$ through paypal. Happy money potato coming. ways of earnings". Some sections are not payable the best where to go after registrating is to go main page then scroll down till you find "GET PAID TO PROGRAMS" there you can write in any threads and you will be receiving points for your comment (comment at least 100 characters long)

  1. Earn 1000 Points per referral (note- A referral must be valid before you get bonus, when they publish 100 messages they are valid)

  2. Earn 50 Points per new thread

  3. Earn 20 Points per new reply ( Threads and replies must have at least 100 characters to receive the rewards.)

  4. Lock tutorials, people must pay Points for access 

  5. Earn 500 Points for reporting unsolicited private messages

  6. Redeem codes to earn Points for free

  7. Participate in raffles to win Points

  8. Complete jobs and deals from Marketplace that pays in Points

  9. Earn 10% Referral commission per each sale you refer

  10. Earn up to 60 Points for watching videos from Marketplace

Potato 8

brave browser

Brave is a web browser that blocks ads and has additional features that are related to the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency. Here we have the ability to earn BAT every time you click on an ad provided by brave. No minimum payout, all money you have collected going straight to UpHold wallet, automated monthly payouts.

Potato 9


Lbry(not worldwide yet) is similar to you tube but here you can earn money by watching videos, creating your own content or inviting friends.This website offers great bonuses that you can grab daily. They use LBC as currency at this moment 100 LBC is worth around 3.6$, and by using daily rewards you may have a chance to get randomly prize from 0,5 to 100LBC. For withdrawal you can use for example

its like 1 click daily by watching random video to get a chance to win 0,05-to 3usd

Potato 10


Very simialr site to Here you can grab daily rewards in many cryptocurrencies by donating your favorite writer(giving tips is free). System will let you choose how much to tip to the author and how much you will keep for yourself.

XX% to author / XX% choise is yours to set the right amount in %

Tips are FREE and come from publishOX rewards pool.

Also you can become a writer so then if you create any cool article its a big chance for you that other forum user will jump into your thread just to tip you so you will get paid and he will also get paid, win-win situations.

to find tip options simply click on any article at publishOX then scroll all the way down till you see this.

You can withdraw in many curriences on this website. Every currency has its own minimum cashout limits and it looks like this :

Potato 11


Another legit website, Sir.Potato needed like 2 moths to get the first withdraw of 60 zł (15 euro)

must be 16+, registrations allowed from many countries :

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile Mainland China Columbia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Italy Malaysia Mexico The Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand turkey United Kingdom United States of America Vietnam

*** UNDER TESTing section (no payment proof yet)

Presearch - Presearch is the first decentralized search engine that compensates users for searching on their platform with cryptocurrency, same as google search but Presearch is giving you free money by simply using that browser. Since it is very passive it is also very slow to get the money till the first cashout because they set maximum points that you can earn daily. Still works great combined with a brave browser

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