Afghan parents sell children

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Afghanistan is a poor country. Many other countries send help to Afghanistan. Everything changes last year. Now, the Taliban controls the country. The situation in Afghanistan gets worse. Help from other countries does not come anymore.

More than half of the people in Afghanistan do not have enough food. 3.2 million of children have bad problems. They do not get good food. They are sick and weak.

Some parents sell their children. One man sells his daughter to another man. They get married.

The girl is 10 years old. Her father sells her for 200 to 300 dollars. He buys food for the rest of his family.

The man sells his second daughter. She is 7 years old. The man needs money for medicine for his sick wife.

Parents usually sell girls. Older men buy them. The girls leave the families when they are older.

For many years, Afghanistan depended on international help, but when the Taliban came to power last year, several countries stopped sending help.

According to experts, more than half of Afghan people do not have enough food, and around 3.2 million children under 5 are facing malnutrition. Malnutrition means they do not get enough food, and it makes them weak and sick because they need vitamins and minerals from the food. Some families are so poor that they cannot buy food, so parents started to sell their own children.

One father sold one of his daughters because he needed money to buy food. Now, he is selling another daughter, who is 7 years old. He hopes to get 200 to 300 dollars for her, which will be enough money for food and for medicine for his sick wife.

Food shortages are ravaging Afghanistan and forcing parents to sell their children, mainly daughters, in order to feed the rest of their family.

10-year-old Aziz Gul, who was sold into marriage, said that her family had nothing to eat at home. Aziz´s husband brought food that he bought for money that he himself earned by selling his own daughter into marriage.

A father of another girl, 7-year-old Hoshran, is going to sell her because of lack of money to get food for his family and medicine for his sick wife. He already sold one of his daughters to get medicine, and now, he’s looking to sell Hoshran for 200 to 300 dollars. The family, who bought Hoshran, are waiting until she is older.

Afghanistan’s economy was dependent on help, and it took a hit when the international community froze its assets and stopped funding after the Taliban took over. An estimated 3.2 million children under 5 are seriously sick from lack of food. According to experts, the situation in the country is worsening, and more than half the population has food shortages.

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I feel pain while reading this, the hope to regain their freedom and be able to work and buy things for their families isn't there anymore. May God in his infinite mercy be with them all.

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1 year ago

Why would an international body freeze a country asset, I believe the problem happening in afghan right now is cause by the world and they people that use their land for war, if the war truly cares, they would show love to the country no matter who the leader is, it such a pity that those young kids have to face such trouble at a young age

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1 year ago

I can't imagine why they sell their kids just to satisfy their needs. Having kids are priceless. Kids have a right also. I hope our country would not experience this kind of poverty. Selling kids for your good is a crime.

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1 year ago