Feel the Spirit of Christmas

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2 years ago

Can you feel now the cold breeze of Christmas? It is a sign that Christmas is now again coming!

For me, Christmas is a kind of special celebration, which entails spending time with my beloved persons in my life, especially my family. It is a time for decorating the whole house, inside and out, with different symbols for Christmas. And of course a time for shopping!

Accomplishing these things with the individuals I love is what means the most to me. Celebrating Christmas with my family is very relevant to me. We ordinarily assemble together and celebrate at our family house. We spend the time baking cookies, preparing fudge, and arranging a big Christmas dinner with all the decorations.

After that, a special celebration for Christmas party filled with exciting games and prizes. The grandchildren treasure to see each other. They use the day playing games and giving their different gifts and toys to each other. They get so excited to decorate that it is troublesome to handle them.

Decorating for Christmas is so extremely enjoyable. But it is a lot happier to spend it with my loved ones.

For this year, I have a different wish. With this, I am going to write something for Santa, and here it is:

Dear Santa,

I am so very lucky to write this letter for you, Santa! I know I am not a child anymore, but I am really so pleased and delighted because having this opportunity to write a letter to you is such a great thing. I understand that you are a busy guy this time of the year and that you have a ton of mail to get through and that younger individuals' wishes are waiting to be granted in your wish list, but please consider this one, Santa.

In this modern world, we face many obstacles and difficulties we encounter that toiled as our motivation to move forward. We should not see these difficulties as burden to our lives. Instill in our mind that these trials are just examining how strong we are, and of course, it encourages us not give up. The spirit of Christmas can still be felt in this tough times. It is just so sad that we cannot celebrate it the same way as we usually celebrate it due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, it does not hinder us to celebrate this special day even inside our house only.

Dearest Santa, I wish that the big problem along with poverty will be solved now. I am yearning for a morning loaded with emphatic things and see order, respect and sympathy between and among the people.

I also wish Santa that the problems along with Covid 19 will now be solved and that those who were greatly affected by the typhoons that have passed by will soon recover from the damages, both physically and mentally, these typhoons have impacted to them.

Those people seemed to be really aching. I based it on what I have seen from the news. I wish Santa that it will cease as early as possible. Touch the heart of the good and wealthy people to extend more help to my fellow countrymen so that, together, we can heal as one. I desire everybody to discern that there are still lovely things in the middle of the different difficulties we have been through.

Santa, if you will grant my wish, there is this one thing that my heartbeats, and that is not a reward, but to have a harmony and wholesome living world. I wish that individuals who are begging for alms, stomachs that have been roaring in hunger, and eyes bursting with tears will also be resolved and assist them to stand again on their feet.

As the Christmas Season comes along, this will not also for the people who are in authority but all the sons of God. One last thing Santa, I wish that this read.cash cof individuals around the web and even around the world. Hopefully, it will become more prominent and will touch more individuals to help them realize the great use and value of bitcoin cash.

May all the personage behind it will be blessed, including each user on this site to become more prosperous in life and to know better about bitcoin cash. Let love grow more in their hearts. Let hatred be forgotten.

Indeed it is a special day for love, peace, and joy. Santa, all of these things are what I want this Christmas. It is not for material things, it is for the betterment of the whole humankind. I hope you will consider all these wishes. With all my heart, I wanna say thanks in advance. Merry Christmas, Santa!

Yours Truly,


Christmas songs starts playing...

Thanks for reading! I hope you felt the spirit of Christmas in my article. Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!

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2 years ago


Favorite holiday of all time!!! 🎄💚

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1 year ago

Definitely I felt the Christmas spirit.I also adore Christmas because we celebrate it with the family .Kids enjoying when they get gifts.My wish,which I hope SAnta will hear me,is for everyone to be healthy.Health is the greatest treasure.Happy Chrismas to you too dear and to whole your family!

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2 years ago

When you said 'the grandchildren', I am guessing that you are a grandmother?

Santa for me is Saint Nicholas, a symbol of a person who gives without hoping for acknowledgement. Santa can be anyone who gives. I think your Santa might have read your letter.

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2 years ago