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BCH Weekly News #85 (June 20, 2022)

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  • General Protocols the BCH focused company behind Anyhedge and brings us their latest product; Oracles.Cash. Cash Oracles are software that provides signed price information for various assets such that they can be used in the Bitcoin Cash scripting engine. With Oracles.Cash, developers can write scripts that can reference price data of anything an oracles exists for. For example the USD, Gold, Silver, ETH, Big Macs etc.

  • Paytaca the BCH super wallet, once again upgrades. This time the upgrade includes the SmartSwap.FI smartBCH dex aggregator, allowing anyone to trade smartBCH tokens across all dexes finding the lowest price available.

  • Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network and a blockchain cross-chain interaction protocol and the most recent protocol they have integrated into their platform is smartBCH.

  • Thanks to adoption efforts by BCH enthusiast Ryan Giffin, major gas stations across South Florida now accept Bitcoin Cash for purchases of both gasoline and in store purchases.

  • smartBCH DEX aggregator has added the dex VERSE to their aggregator service allowing you to get the best price for tokens across all dexes on smartBCH.

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Can't wait for the day that I could buy gasoline with Bitcoin Cash in our place. Thank you for this great news about BCH.

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