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Lifting Your Capabilites.

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8 months ago

Many people, especially mom's, do many things for other people, but not enough for themselves. As they give more and more but don't do anything to lift themselves, they run out of energy to give to others. How long do your laptops, and cellphones last without having their batteries recharged? Metaphorically speaking, it is easy to recognize that you need to recharge your own batteries. The other considerations, however, is defining balance and moderation. How much of lifting yourself is too much, to the point where you feel guilty about perhaps being selfish, and how much is not enough, causing you to feel that you don't have enough of yourself to give to others? I have heard this question asked many times, and it is much more difficult to answer the context of only lifting yourself. However, when viewed from the standpoint of fulfilling your mission and getting out of the holding pattern you may find yourself in, it is easier to see how you need to simultaneously lift not just yourself, but your character and your family members, as well as lifting others in your other roles.

Increasing your Capabilities mirrors the achievement cycle we explored in the allegory of the four seasons. We just discussed lifting character, which mirrors the voice of character in our achievement cycle. Our voice of character influences what we think and feel. Lifting your Capabilities means developing yourself mentally (what we think) and developing ourselves emotionally (what we feel). What we think and feel affects what we do and say, and so we also need to lift ourselves physically. To lift yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically, see the following lists of what others do. You may choose from the list, or hopefully the list will trigger other ideas that would be best for you. The key is to be consistent. It's up to you whether you choose one idea to focus on or whether you choose several and change things up a bit for variety.

Lifting Yourself Mentally.

  • Read about Broad range of topics.

  • Attend classes and worships.

  • Do crossword puzzles.

  • Write down goals.

  • Garden.

  • Go to museum.

  • Experience different cultures.

  • Play a musical instrument.

  • Discover your strength.

  • Learn from without grow from within.

  • Write a book.

  • Meditate.

  • Laugh.

  • Ask questions.

  • Take vacations.

  • Scrapbook.

  • Yoga.

  • Learn a new language.

  • Learn a new skill.

  • Memorize poems.

  • Travel.

  • Reflect.

  • Keep a journal.

  • Paint.

  • Care for the elderly.

Lifting Yourself Emotionally.

  • Organize your advisory board.

  • Visit a friend.

  • Reach out to neighbors.

  • Give positive feedback.

  • Make time to renew friendship.

  • Pay it forward.

  • Travel to understand other cultures.

  • Think before you speak.

  • Looking through photos and videos.

  • Volunteer.

  • Build relationships.

  • Forgive yourself and others.

  • Laugh.

  • Take time to celebrate small success.

  • Smile.

  • Share memories.

  • Give random acts of kindness.

  • Date night with spouse or children.

  • Compliment others.

  • Call your mom.

Lifting Yourself Physically.

  • Exercise.

  • Walk.

  • Run.

  • Stretching.

  • Dance.

  • Join a gym.

  • Ride a bike.

  • Tennis.

  • Martial arts.

  • Drink enough water.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Focus on your desired weight.

  • Get a physical.

  • Walk your dog.

  • Take your vitamins.

  • Golf.

  • Relaxation.

  • Yoga.

  • Pilates.

  • Eat a balance diet.

  • Play with kids.

  • Set fitness goals.

  • Hike.

  • Mow the lawn.

Again, the key in lifting yourself is to be consistent and know that you are doing this to create a culture of being more and not just doing more. You are lifting yourself, and that is just as important as lifting others. Pick at least one thing from each area that you will commit to doing. It is better to start off very conservatively, because keeping small promises such as lifting yourself will help you make and keep bigger promises to yourself as well as to others.


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Written by   164
8 months ago
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