Why doesn't the man give you gifts?

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All women are conditionally divided into two categories: some girls literally bathe in flowers and constantly show off gifts for girlfriends and colleagues, while others receive something very rarely and often it happens only on duty.
If you work as a senior manager, then, of course, on Women's Day and any other holiday you will surely receive a gift and a magnificent mimosa, and on your birthday you will put in front of you, for example, a bright orchid. But if you change jobs, none of your old colleagues will think of you...

What about personal gifts? And here you have been waiting for years for the prince on the couch to finally think to make you morning coffee, cook you breakfast, dare to hand you a bouquet and a beautiful box of precious jewelry? You expect such a miracle in the new year and March 8, and the anniversary of acquaintance, and just because. And it still does not happen.
Why don't you give gifts and show signs of attention?
Of course, to change the situation and enter the number of the first beauties bathed in gifts and male generosity, you can use the advice of experts in manipulating hearts:
Place a fashion magazine with a picture of jewelry or a beautiful handbag in a prominent place.
Tell him in passing exactly what and how your lover gave your girlfriend as a token of gratitude for this attention.
Give him something insignificant as a hint of a response from him and get him used to giving you gifts.
Such advice seems naive, trite and predictably unrealistic. If only because the gifts obtained with the help of complex manipulations and feminine wiles, you will not like. After all, every girl wants a man to come to her with a bouquet of roses unexpectedly and give it to her sincerely, out of soul and admiration for her beauty, as well as with great love.

But psychologists and esotericists tend to blame women for this kind of situation, pointing to their lack of self-love, low self-esteem, choosing a manipulative partner, and as a result a huge amount of accumulated internal trauma.
You lack self-esteem and inner joy, so the man senses this and runs away from you.
You are too self-sufficient, closed, absorbed in yourself and your work, and your man thinks you don't need anything.
The common curse of poverty is upon you. True.
But it's much simpler than that! The truth is that much of the trauma of childhood is not related to you, but to your partner, who was brought up in constant restriction, strict limits, forbidden to want and dream. Most likely, in his family, his father did not admire his mother, sister, wife and other women in his environment, and the other men in such a family were stingy, closed and cold characters.
Of course, on the red days of the calendar he will give you gifts, but they will not be gifts, but rather follow the traditions, rules of society or something like bribery for the sake of benefit and the desire to get something in return. And he won't do it out of the goodness of his heart or because he would like to pay more attention to the woman he cares for!
Maybe later he will be able to recognize and understand this difference. For example, if he sees that all men treat his beloved daughter as consumptively as he treats his own wife! But even in that case there is little chance of that insight ever happening.
And the only way to restore your peace of mind, inner harmony and balance - to turn to yourself, listen to yourself and your desires.
And if you don't get gifts, better give them to yourself. After all, this has a huge advantage - in this case, you will never make a mistake when choosing a gift for your loved one.

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I don't expect to receive such gifts as a woman, I'm more of the type who's the one to give the gift but in a sense of food. I love cooking for someone that I treasured in my life

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1 year ago

I have my eldest who gives pasalubong when he comes home... No one else!

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1 year ago