Human nature does not change

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Human nature does not change We are living in a time of changing of the world order. I don't sit on social media. What kind of labels are attached on "our greatest enemy," I just wonder if it's inciting of ethnic hatred, which is criminally punishable.

I assure everyone that human nature of human beings cannot change because the same things happen in the lives of all human beings in the lives of all human beings. People don't see that because those same events are happening in different conditions. Simply put, there's nothing in the world nothing is unambiguous, because single-valuedness would beself-sufficient self-sufficient. Good and evil are connected dichotomously. You can't to do a good thing at the same time without doing something evil. I'll give you an example: I was in the hospital and my roommate atI'll give you an example: I was in the hospital and my roommate gave me sweets. I ate, because somehow I couldn't refusebecause of decorum. The neighbor was sincerely doing to do me good, but at the same time he was doing me evil, I'm a diabetic. ExampleUnfortunate, but quite illustrative.

An example of the dichotomy of good and evil. Man has spent his whole life trying to justify his existence. There is, so to speak.

So to speak, all techniques are good. Man's identity is one of one of the main motivators for his behavior.

Nationality, hence the aversion... to other nationalities is a matter of a person's pride. So, they say that it takes three generations three generations of people for there to be peace and prosperity. These are utopian hopes. The world is built on two principles, it is and at the same time it's not. It's not up for discussion because there's there is no other way to explain the world.

There is something and nothing. Nothing, like something is not identical to itself.

If it were not so, there would be no way to explain...there would be no way...there would be no possibility. Philosophy answer questions about...the existence of man and be...a science that reconciles man and...death.


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It is quite natural human is influenced a lot by his nature. Where there is evil there is goodness. Without evil, there is no concept of goodness. It is now we either we change our nature from good to bad or from bad to good. I am always in favor of change in nature. But this change will be in favor of people.

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