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Helping Mother using earnings

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5 months ago
Topics: Life

I been in for 3 months and I can still say, I am still enjoying my stay here. I am just happy today because I get to help my Mama with this amount that I earned here in

I already mention this on my past article but, you all know that I don't have a work even now until today, I still don't work. Tho, I really want to find a job that will fit my job description, I just can't do it because of the same reason that I mention before.

Of all the site, platform or application that I used to earn money, in the only one is best for me. For I earned here not that much because I admit that my articles is really not that worth it. I mean, my englishing and also the way I explain all of my topic is not that clear. I have a reason for that, you know before I post an article here except those article that about me and my experiences. I always made a research before I create one. Then i will read it sentence by sentence and I will write or type it base on my understanding. Sometimes those articles that I research is so complicated and I am having a hard time deciphering it lol. And so, I will cut down it to the information that I understand and just put just a few sentences and that's it. I even remove those really important information that has categorization. And aside from I am having a hard time, when I am in the middle of my writing, typing rather and someone bother me I will feel unmotivated to do it anymore and I will just drop it or just save it as a draft. I am distracted so I just don't finish it anymore and just whatever.

But this is really not the topic I am going to share here today, I just insert it because I want to and I have all the right to fight for my love, pag mahal ipaglaban huwag paasahin dahil hindi habang panahon ka nyang mamamahalin, dahil makakahanap din sya ng iba, na mas higit at mas mahal sya. Minahal mo sya ng lubos pero ang puso mo sinaktan nya durog na durog time! Sorry I got carried away.

Actually this post is about how happy I am, because I can give my Mama the money she needed because seriously, she don't have money right now. The SSS pension that she's waiting is not arriving in her ATM card, I can't understand those sss people. They all know that people needed money now but why they are delaying it. Her Carenderia is not selling very well so she really needed a money. She's also feeding her 7 child so and the other one just gave birth last week of 4 babies so she really needed it. She's raising a child again, child dog? Lol.

That is why is really a blessing to like us or just me, who doesn't work and no other source of income. It is really a big help and can save someone's tummy.

I know I know, you are wondering why I'm still not looking for any work. I want to okay, I really want it but I can't. My Mommies are all old now and I really can't leave them. I am my Mom's Human Baston. I'm sure you are wondering too why I can't look a job that is near from our house. A-Actually, I don't want to work if that work is not related from my course. You know, I'm an I.T graduate so I want to work as an encoder, web designer once I get laptop or anything that is related to it.

I don't plan actually to give this 1000 or $20.7 to my Mother because I am planning to buy her a smartphone because her phone that she got from my diseased sister is now malfunctioning. I can't tap the screen it's really not working I even hard reset it because it also happen before so I thought I can still repair it and she can use it but, it's really not working now. I think the problem is the LCD, I don't know anymore.

What do you think? LCD right? The problem?

I'm thinking of just bringing it to a cellphone repair shop but, the cellphone model is MyPhone so I don't think there is available LCD for this, even if it has I'm sure it will cost me a bucks so I'd rather buy a new one.

So I need to save again some money to buy her a phone. My budget is 2000 or $41.48, as long as she can open her facebook. That's the only thing that can make her laugh, watching funny videos on facebook, or actions movie clips and a video of those adorable and cute puppies.

I just hope the Random Rewarder will notice me if I post my article here I wish I wish.

I know that the amount I gave to my Mother is so little compare to the others but still, it came from me. I work hard to get that money and I am proud of myself 😂

The fee for the transaction is 60 pesos, so expensive 😣, even if I send a money like 500 the fee is still 600, laki talaga ng kaltas.

I just share it here because I want to and I am happy also.

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Written by   677
5 months ago
Topics: Life
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