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Things Don't Get Easier, You Just Get Stronger

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1 month ago

It's all about mindset. Keep your mind healthy and the rest will follow.

When I was younger I used to wait for every difficult situation to become easier. I always complain and wait for me to be ready but I always struggle with the limited time so I still comply at the end. The point is, you don't wait to be ready, you make yourself ready. Yes, it's okay to take your time but we have to be realistic that there are situations that have limited time and unexpected situations that require immediate action.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Fail, lose, have mistakes, it's alright. Just keep practicing until you become stronger and well adopted to sudden adjustments. More than you think, being able to push yourself to be ready is much more important and a necessity in life.

Stop Spoon Feeding Yourself

Magkamay ka, char.

Struggle. Grind. Manifest with actions. You won't move forward if you'll just keep dreaming, believing, then end up with procrastination. Feed your mind then move your body. Live your daily life with your best as success lies in your daily routines.

It's just hard

No it isn't. Yes it is. No matter what the answer is, it only leaves the fact that it's because you're still yet to become stronger. Work on yourself. Once you know what to change and improve about yourself then you can move forward to the next phase which is execution. Have actions. Align your words to your actions and create your own magnificent constellations filled with the brightest stars of your body, mind, and soul.

The hardest battle you have to face is the battle with your own self

Focus on your growth. Commit. Keep trying until it become a habit. We don't rush here, but still we have to be better than who we are yesterday.

Be Friends With Your Monsters

Give time to understand yourself. Learn to differentiate those negative thoughts and feelings if they'll just drag you down or make way for you to see what you should do and what you deserve. Those you need to eradicate from yourself are just the toxic, those that are poison to your body, mind, and soul. However, those monsters...they aren't meant to be killed because they are part of you who knows what you deserve, who needs improvement, those are parts of you that needs you. Tame them, make them your allies and you'll become the strongest warrior you'll ever be

Keep Slaying!

Live a life, be the person you can be proud of and worth flexing for.

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Written by   29
1 month ago
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Accept your flaws that I think is what you meant by be friend with your monsters. We need to accept our flaws and think of ways on how to improve them.

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1 month ago