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Some Friends are Evil

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3 months ago

Friendship is some kind of relation that stands over on mutul affection between peoples. This is the definition from Google you can find at first try. But there are some more or less information in this word.

Friendship has various types!!!

Not all kind of friendship is the same. It can be varied from person to person. There are some people who makes friendship to get help in the need. And after using in the right time they behaves rough . And after all when the time is up and the desire is fulfilled then the friemdship breaks.

Some evil person are too selfish that they makes friendship for particular reason.

Some people makes friendship for getting help by doing their harm. And also does not hesitate to destroy someones life. Actually they are not friends. They are just selfish. After spoiling the right way & life of the victim they moves on like they have not done anything. They are the professional selfish.

Some people does not even shows tge pity on the victim.

Real people who have got sain heart can be suffered mostly by these human called animals.

Some people takes help promising giving back again some helps but at least they also leave them without helping.

Some frriends does not help when need and when you do not need any help they tries to showup like they want to help you more than anything.

But it is just a little acting. And actually they are the evil.

But there are some good friends too.

This world is full of amazing peoples. Some of these amazing people are really good enough to be a friend. They are really worthy of love from heart. They can give you them what you do for them when they are in need. They are not selfish at all.

They can help you by there everything if you do so or not. But if you get a good friend and if you are really helping them it will make a great change in your heart. You will feel better then by helping your true friend.

Some friendship lasts long till the last seconds of life. But not all people has got the fate like this. Only a few people gets this type of friends.

It is really hard to which person is good or bad as friend. After having a lot of time together the truth gets revealed but in the first stage it is hard.

When any student goes to school or college or even university they tries to get a good or best friend there. Though some of these friends gets connected for a long time with good friendship. But when they are not from the same place it gets disappeared .

Because there are some things that cut off the friendships. If the period of school or college ends then they have to move for a new destiny. And then they becomes familiar with new friends. Time by time the old friendship gets too much space to be broken.

But some friends who are real they still gets connected. Though they can not hangout together everyday but they talks on the phone once or twice in a week. They does visit almost once at least in 6 months. That friendship really the best one.

well, I have got one friend in my school life like the good one. We had quarrel sometimes when we were little. But as we are young enough we do not make any problem between us. We have a great froendship and we still visit whenever we get time.

Hope you guys also get a friend like mine. Who is not selfish and polite to be a friend.

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Written by   26
3 months ago
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I have seen both types of friends. Seen those friends with benefits types too. But in the end, it’s you who decide to get provoked by them or not. Well written brother.

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2 months ago

Choose friends who will treat you like one. There are those who have bad intentions out there. Stay away from toxic people.

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2 months ago