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Unfulfilled childhood desires

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10 months ago

Little wishes for school going children

During the school days, if children do not do their job properly, they begin to develop desires which cannot be fulfilled, or perhaps their inner voice is created due to work theft.

When we were in our childhood and went to school, we had many strange desires that were probably less fulfilled. On school days when we spent most of our time playing, and falling asleep without doing our homework, due to fatigue. we would wake up in the morning wishing that maybe someone had done our homework, and also wished that may when we open our copy, it hade worked automatically. So funny desires we had.

When children do not do their homework

And after school, when it was my turn to get my homework checked, I started praying in my heart. I wish the teacher would go back to his house because he suddenly had to do something important before checking our homework. Because she didn't listen to the other children's frivolous excuses, as some children would say, "We worked, but our copy is left at home." She was very angry at these excuses.

Often when a difficult test was found and it was not ready. And because of fatigue, sleep was too much. So I wanted to go to sleep. And wished that when we wake up in the morning, in a dream, we had been prepared for this test.

Fun at school

When there was a party at school, And at night when we took money from our Father for the party and kept it in our bags, we wished that when we took out the money, may the money would automatically be increased. And after spending the whole money, the hearts wanted the same money to come back and we enjoyed it a lot, all we wanted was to have a party like this every day and we would go to school and enjoy it without tension.

Most of the time on paper days, I wanted to have received a phone call from the school. That paper has been canceled today or has been dismissed. And the subject that we liked was the heart that the same teacher kept teaching again and again. If the lesson seemed difficult, I wondered why the teacher did not find it difficult. And I wished that if I became a teacher, I would teach the children according to their wishes. When a child is on vacation, I will not punish him, and if he teaches a good lesson, I will give him chocolate to encourage him even more.

Break time

Pause is also necessary during the study, but some children begin to think of taking advantage of this time to the fullest.

At school, when there is a break time after a few lectures of hard work, most of the children go to play and they wish that the break would be longer and wish we would not have to go to class again. and they wouldn't have the interest to go back.

Curiosity about magic in children

Children are fascinated by magic because they like things that happen automatically and because of their innocence, they are quickly ready to believe in everything.

After watching any magical cartoon or movie, the heart used to pick up gadgets that help to make all the magic happen. Every magic was spectacular and its effect was felt deep inside the heart. And the heart seemed to yearn for the same magic, wishing we had the same magic and that we could use it to make our work easier.

When you get a little older, you laugh at your old ideas

When a child grows up, and he begins to know the reality of all things. So it makes him laugh at his old thoughts and old memories too. And he thinks about how innocent I was in my childhood, who was often quitting work and taking things lightly.

There are so many memories and childhood stories in our minds that we remember from time to time and we start to enjoy our childhood and these activities.

Some children are even impressed by the beauty of their teacher and want to marry their teacher. Maybe they think that we will get married to our teacher easily when we grow up because she is very gentle And has a humble voice.

Funny story of my childhood

Once upon a time in childhood, we were all children playing on the roof. Suddenly an idea came up because in those days I saw some people flying in the air by parachute on TV. I started to create an idea about that flying love that we can also fly in the air like them. I went down. Finding an umbrella, and came back on the roof. and I jumped up and down on the small roof, imagining it to be a parachute.

Just think how much the injury must have been. And when the family heard about this incident and saw that I was injured, they became very angry. Why did not think before doing such a futile act and why you did not consult an elder.

Will you all tell me about your unfulfilled childhood desires? Is there any interesting event that still makes you laugh?

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Written by   82
10 months ago
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One of the sweetest things, it seems, was to agree on which neighbor to ring the doorbell for, and then run away. That was what caused a special party, and especially a collective giggle of laughter as an angry neighbor shouted out the window.

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10 months ago

You made me laugh sweetly. As a child, my brother and I loved to hide from each other and then suddenly jump out of hiding and scare each other. I went to school then but my brother was small for school and had to stay home. However, he wanted to scare me and hid in the closet and of course fell asleep while waiting. I am returning home from school, my mother is crying, he is not there, the police are around the apartment and the building. General commotion ... Confused, I pass a crowd of people questioning my mother and taking information about his appearance, height, clothes ... I leave my books and remember our game ... I enter the room and shout along the way, aaaaa I see you: D Brother, all beaming, jumps out of the closet right in front of his mother and shouts: Buuuuuu, I scared you, hahahahah You further assume, general joy, the mother, all red in the face, sends the policemen out of the house, apologizes ... closes the door and then a real show ensues ... a beating to remember

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10 months ago

Hahaha I remember the mischievous beating of my childhood. Very funny incident. Wow, the fear of childhood also arose that after doing disturbing mischief, we must be scolded and beaten, especially by our mother. Because now we know that she did everything for our good.

Thank you so much for sharing your childhood memories with us and I hope you well.

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10 months ago

Haha, I had a similar incident like you! I jump off the roof though it wasn't really that high. I put a cape on (My father's t-shirt!) and jump only my father able to catch me on time and I was so mad that I wasn't able to fly because father catches me. He stopped me from flying! 😂😂😂 And every time I remember that I could have broken bones. 😅

$ 0.00
10 months ago

hehe very naughty My Friend, I mean, your childhood was just as good as ours, but I wasn't always too naughty but compared to my brother, but in childhood, we always try our best for playing someone would come up with something out of the extraordinary, must be tried to do something new.

Thanks for sharing Keep smiling my Dear,

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10 months ago