Dropshipping Update + 1st Day On The Job

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I am working on my product pages right now for my dropshipping business. Essentially when someone clicks on my ads on Facebook or Tik Tok, I will have them land on my product page so they are just a click away from making a purchase. For that reason, the product pages are actually more important to your business than your home page (though you need to have a good one as well).

I have narrowed my product-offerings down to 5 items that I believe have a summer connotation and will be aiming to have ads running for those products by the end of the weekend.

I am not expecting to be profitable right off the bat, but these products contain a wow-factor that I believe could have traffic continuing to pour in if I advertise and price correctly. I'll share a link to my store when it is fully operational and share the amount of success that I have and you can use the template yourselves if you like it!

New Job

Today is also my first day working my second job! I will be hosting at a Japanese BBQ restaurant close to where I live and will hopefully be able to learn how to do it pretty quickly. Back in my early college days I worked at an Applebees during one summer and that was not the best experience... yet it prepared me to be able to host at restaurants in the future so I guess I should thank them?

For those of you who are not American, restaurants have a way of getting very cheap labor from most of the staff because the entire industry is based around tips. On one hand it is a positive that you can earn more if you are good at your job, but on the other hand being "good" is subjective based on each person coming into your restaurant and your earnings can take a hit due to any number of reasons.

This practice goes back hundreds of years to when slaves were freed in America and wanted to be able to work for a living. Restaurants would let them work for tips and not pay them anything, often resulting in subpar earnings. Of course now there is a base pay, but it is nothing to write home about. Luckily I am doing this as a part time job and know that my other job will provide a steady income stream, so I don't have much to complain about, but it is such a bad practice to be continuing as a nation.

Anyhow, that is just the way things are and I am excited to get to business and start earning a little bit on the side. I have a plan to get myself in a good financial position in a few months and am excited to share that progress. I'm done making self-inflicted errors in my finances and have a clear path to success. Let's get after it.

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Good luck with your new job as well as with your dropshipping business. I once planned to start an online shop with this method but I wasn't able to pursue because of the high cost it would entail. I might try something that will be using my own product. I am still studying the business and hopefully could start by next year.

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