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Too much Confidence is not a good practice: My EB Training as Poll clerk

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6 months ago
  • Too much confidence is not a Good Practice

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  • Date Published: March 21, 2022

  • Time: 11:25PM

Hi! Welcome to my read cash channel wherein I'm going to share with you the details of my EB Training! As poll clerk.

I hope through this training will have a little idea of how I deal to be the first time as Election EB poll clerk

 The first day of training was full of excitement. We came to the training venue at exactly 10 am. As part of the health protocol, we have undergone an antigen test.

//A rapid antigen test, sometimes called a rapid antigen detection test, antigen rapid test, or just a rapid test, is a rapid diagnostic test suitable for point-of-care testing that directly detects the presence or absence of an antigen. Wikipedia//

After the antigen test, we took lunch and wait for the afternoon session

Pictures below:

The Afternoon session was about General instruction for the electoral board, VCM Operations, Troubleshooting, and Contingency Procedures. It was discussed by Attorney Anna Fleur Gujilde

See pictures below:

I’ve learned a lot about the election processes, important instructions, including various terms like

EB – electoral Board

CEMAC - Comelec Election Monitoring Action Center

EDCVL - (Election Day Computerized Voters’ List)

FTS - Final testing and sealing

And many more terms.

I forgot to memorize because I am really not good at memorization.


After the discussion of the General Instruction is the processes of conducting FTS.

At first, we watch the video demonstration of the processes of conducting the FTS.

The process was too technical but I managed to understand the process. I have so many questions in my mind but I couldn’t have the courage to ask questions because I may sound so arrogant to them. (just thinking in advance). After the video presentation, we do the hands-on activity

As I expected too much knowledge really stinks since almost all of the participants had an experience, they make a lot of noise until I cannot hear the speaker’s discussions. I couldn’t understand the process well so I do some research in my room.

The second day of training was the schedule for the practical exam in the afternoon. In the morning session were we have given time to practice the process but I couldn’t have the chance to practice because all my colleague used their time repeatedly until it was already 12 noon. Literally, my practice was only watching them and correcting them if they forget something but I realize that it’s totally different when you do the process compared to just watching only.  I just took a picture and posted it in my that

my colleague do the practice for the practical exam and my practice was during the practical exam, Good Luck to myself”

Just eaten my lunch for a few minutes because we need to leave the training hall due to the preparation for the practical examination. My schedule was 1:30 in the afternoon. It took me to wait till 2 pm when my turn to practical examination.

The first participant already complains about the issue of the machine but I never mind it because I am overconfident at that time. The DOST Trainer gives me the signal to follow the process given on the list and perform the FTS process.

The first error I have experienced was the paper ballot misreading the paper 3 times, so I conclude that the paper was sabotage so I get another clean ballot and fed it in then correct its cast the votes.

Then I perform another process. As I was about to the last process to print the audit log. The instruction was set the two minutes interval between the start time and end time that is the second error I encounter and took me an hour to solve (actually I didn’t solve it) so I raised my hand to ask for the assistance of the DOST trainer but still, the trainer can’t solve it either and tell me to proceed the re-zero process. So I do the re-zero process. The dost trainer said you have done your practice exam sir you can check your Gmail for your EB account and you can take the written examinations. So I go out and I wasn’t satisfied with my practical exam because I didn’t perform well my 100% best.

Lesson learned next time, don’t be overconfident of the task, even if it is easy still need to focus on the simple details.

The third day was the contingency measures during the election days.

As I remember if something unnecessary things to happens, we just take notes on the minutes and inform the DESO Tech. When the speaker has done his talk he ask a question if there were clarification, I wanted to ask something but I can see that all the participants were excited to go home. I just keep my question to myself,

Are you curious what my question is?

Okay I will raise my question here, I hope somebody will enlighten me

Here is my question: “ Is the data from VCM secure and not vulnerable to hackers or security breaches?

  • If you have any idea, you can post your comment below;

Writer’s note: Never ever underestimate the task, be careful on the simple details. Too much confidence was not a good practice. Learn from your experience and be keen on every detail.

I would like to say thank you to all my read cash friends who upvoted my previous articles and to my sponsor thank you so much.

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👨‍💻 Thank you fellas for sparing your time again by reading this blog. Hope you have gained something from this article, especially to those newbies on being electoral board as poll clerk

 👨‍💻 Disclaimer: All texts and information are based on my experience during my EB training as a poll clerk

Any similarity to other contents is unintentional. The article is not advised to follow. It is made for educational purposes only. Make a research before adopting or using my opinion.


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Written by   56
6 months ago
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I was struck by the line "never under estimate simple tasks..we need to stay focus on small details..."I was once a dreadfull victim if this situation too,sir.I was so confident that I'm already used to such an ordinary task and ever did double check the details of the task reason for me to sink in the middle.I realized my mistake but damages already happened.From that on,I really tried my best to be careful in handing such sensitive task in my working place.It's really not desirable to stay close on what we believed we can.Though we knew how to handle our strengths and weaknesses but it's still pleasant to stay focus from the smallest to the biggest details of the things tasked to us.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

I agree some people lose there confident and just like me but I never give up I will still do it to achieve my goal.

Btw hi sir I am your new supporter here I hope we gonna be friends.

$ 0.01
6 months ago

Thank for the support, let's do great things here in this platform.

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6 months ago

My dear friend, it was a hard and challenging day for you. I totally agree with you, sometimes people have false self-confidence. And this high self-esteem causes them to become frustrated with themselves and their efforts to fail. I wish you success my friend.

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6 months ago

I am a Venezuelan doctor and I found your article very interesting and important. Health is an area that the world has been very affected and we have to be alert with it. I hope you like my articles, which are about emotional health, too. My last article is an impression of war as seen through the art of Picasso. Greetings from Venezuela.

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6 months ago

It's nice to meet you here in this platform sir, Interesting about emotional health I am excited to read all your articles too. Picasso is one of my favorite artist, his works is like a masterpiece. Anyway I am so happy to meet a Venezuelan Doctor like you. Greetings from Philippines.

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6 months ago