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Saturday.... is a RESTDAY :A day in my life edition

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1 month ago

Today is Saturday it's a rest day for a student like me. I'm just gonna share with you guys (whoever is reading this HahaXd) about what did a do today,please bear with my English I'm not good at it xoxo :3.

So i woke up early in the morning and cook a breakfast for my fam.Btw it's chicken barbecue i made my own mang inasal chicken barbecue, i just learned it from YouTube.Then i cook a fried rice i put some asuete on it to have an extra color and cook some longganisa.(I'm sorry guys I can't upload the picture, i dunno why read cash won't let me upload it but it's a legal image :))

Btw i didn't eat that it's only for my fam because i'm on a diet, it's my 3rd day now. I even order this Weighing Scale to monitor my weight. I only got it for only 223 pesos it's already the product price and it's shipping fee.

I also joined this Facebook groups.

  • I want to do this OMAD or one meal a day but my brother told me not to do it, i should do this Keto diet instead. But i joined this group because there are so many inspiring people posting their weight loss journey. And as a beginner i am so inspired by them, I'm hoping one day I can also post my before and after weight loss journey. So goodluck to those who's also doing a weight loss guys!

    It's my 3rd day and it's very hard but we really need to do a self discipline and determine of what we are doing.

  • Diet meal plan is not enough so i also downloaded this app to helps me exercise my body :

  • There are so many apps in the Google play store that you can download that can benefit to us. They have a category for any kinds of exercise that you want to do, in order for your body to have a good shape or have a good condition. They also have exercises that accurately fit for you if you are only a beginner.

  • I also downloaded this body fast intermittent fasting to guide me if what time and what's kind of food I'll be eaten. (i just learned this from Facebook, the good thing in joining in Facebook groups is as a beginner you can also seek some advise to those who are succeed on their journey)

I'll post my result here guys after 2 months 
Wish me Luck! And goodluck to those also 
Having a weight loss journey, we can do it! 

  • I want to show you my modules guyss but i can't upload a picture again haha. So i had a 13 modules this week 13 because i had a 13 subjects this year. Btw I'm a ABM student, i choose ABM because my brother was an ABM also but..... RIP. Its kinda hard but keri lang haha!

So Saturday is RESTDAY! Now I'm here in the sea just chilling with my brother and friend.

  • It's kinda quiet here because there's not a lot of people here. In that side direction it's a port people ride a boat from here to Cebu.

  • So I'll just enjoy my weekends today guys! Thankyou for you time keep safe always! I'm going to church tomorrow. Don't forge to go to church tomorrow guys!

I'm hoping we all have a sunny day tomorrow, Have a blessfull Saturday everyone, goodbye!

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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I don't know how to reply one by one with you guys but thankyou for reading. Have a blessed Sunday! Keep safe 😊

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1 month ago

self love!.. I think that's my word of the week.

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1 month ago

Wow the sea looks like tranquil to me. It is really peaceful. Goodluck to you and your lost weight journey

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1 month ago