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The Altar Call

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Most Reverend Thompson had always ended his sermon with a call to salvation. Every Sunday service had been attended by the parishioners with a glimpse of hope to hear the word of God directly from the preacher. Usually, before the sermon, the choir will lead an administration of worship where they see the church hall in the holy ghost by singing and blasting in strange tongues before the Reverend mounts the podium.

Angela, a beautiful single sister, about thirty-five years of age was the lead singer in the cathedral. Powerful singer for whom many young people want to listen to the singing. This choir had the best singers and instrumentalists in town. Hence, young people in their teeming numbers would always want to be here at Word of Life Cathedral.

The more young people came, the more Reverend Thomas engages them in one department or the other in the church. Most times, they get a revelation of the Almighty through their service. Some have become ushers, some work in the technical department, others work in the follow-up depart,ment and so on. The church kept growing. Angela was one of the most dedicated workers in the church. Her contributions to the growth of the church are invaluable. Unfortunately, most young men who come to church came to see the beautiful ladies to ask them out and not for communion with God. And Angela was one of the targets. She was however too strong in faith to yield to their lusts.

On a special service Sunday, the choir presented one of the best songs they ever wrote:

¶I've got my mind made up,

That I won't turn back,

That I'm gonna see my Jesus

someday (twice)

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It was a glorious service and most parishioners were so blessed. After the service, a young man who had waited patiently to have a chat with Angela. As she approached, he jumped out of his Mercedes utility car and said:

Hello my lady.

Angela wasn't shocked. She responded:

Hi. Hope you're blessed today?

He answered:

Yes, I am blessed. I have been waiting to see you.

He continued:

My name is Nelson. I have longed to see you. The spirit of God directed me here because of you. If you don't mind, can we discuss this at dinner?

Angela replied to him politely:

Mr. Nelson. I am sorry, can we possibly discuss whatever you'd like to discuss in the church. You know, I haven't met you before, it wouldn't be wise to go to dinner with a stranger.

Nelson muttered disappointingly at himself to have made such a request so soon and said:

Angela, please forgive my manners. I'd wait for a better time when we can have time to talk. Maybe not now. I will be fine till after we have got to know ea h other well enough.

After the whole talk. They went their separate ways.

Nelson knew what he heard in the spirit for Angela was clear.

Nelson kept attending the church. First, where is the treasure he was where he wants his heart to remain? Angela on her path felt nothing for him. When their eyes meet, she looks away. They had continued like this for eighteen months.

On her thirty-seventh birthday, Angela received an anonymous gift from a secret admirer, her mind first went to Nelson. She first accepted the delivery but later asked the dispatch rider to return it to the sender.

Having waited for several months to see if Angela could change her mind for this singular discussion and nothing seemed to be happening, Nelson walked up to Reverend Thomas after the Sunday service.

Good morning Reverend. Nelson said.

Be blessed Nelson. Is anything that matters? Reverend inquired:

Yes Reverend. Everything is fine. I have been in this church by the leading of the spirit of God that directed me to one person. Her name, Angela.

Here, Reverend Thomas cleared his throat and adjusted his tie, thinking it's one of those guys who usually come to get the attention of some of the beautiful sisters in the church. He said to Nelson:

Are you sure God led you to her? Marriage is honorable before God and the bed undefiled.

Nelson replied the Reverend and said:

Sir, I wasn't led to seek Angela's hand in marriage. What I was instructed in the spirit to say to her is that the purpose why she hasn't married yet is for a repeated pattern in her family.

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At this point, Reverend Thomas knew that this could be a very delicate ground to tread. He had a heart-to-heart discussion with Nelson and was convinced he was genuine. Since the next Sunday is a youth service, where the youths will be the ones to minister throughout the service. So, Nelson was asked to take the sermon.

Youth Sunday

Once again, Angela sang with the choristers and they were so spirit-lifting songs. They prepared the grounds for Nelson to preach.

Before the worship could come to an end, he mounted the podium and preached a beautiful sermon titled: Repairing Faulty Foundation. That was the first time an administration of that tone will be preached in Word of Life. The congregation was touched and many people who could not pray a word from their mouth, prayed as their life depended on it. Nelson hit the more on the heart of the congregation when he said:

Not everything that happened to a man is natural. Their are patterns in your life that could emanate from your foundations. Delay in marriage, frequent disappointment, failure, progression, stagnation, unfruitfulness......

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As closes the sermon, he made an altar call for those who want to be delivered of their infirmities. More than half of the church came out, including Angela who was already sober considering her age and delay in marriage.

After the service, she ran to Nelson and apologized for her not allowed him to discuss. Nelson told her that everything is for a purpose. Maybe if the discussion had been held, most of the deliverance of today wouldn't have come up.

Few months later, Angela had started attending marriage counselling with her would be husband, the pianist who had secretly admired her and sent a birthday gift that she had returned thinking it was Nelson. Angela married Pat and they together build a strong orchestra at the Word of Life Cathedral.

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Written by   125
1 month ago
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This article is a great proof that everything has a purpose and God will surely not put you in a situation where He knows that you aren't ready yet. Sometimes, He need to break some norms and chain behaviour in order for us to move forward.

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1 month ago

Oh my goodness!!! This article is interesting. Some women are just like Angela, they might be very active in the church doing different kind of a thing to promote the work of God but still have a problem revolving around them.

There's nothing prayer cannot do , and thank God for Nelson for coming around to deliver her. But this should also be a lesson too, we should not be too quick to judge guys , if we resist all of them because of the bad ones, we will not definitely know when the good one will pass too.

Our spirituality should not make us to not be in a relationship, but must be very careful as well.

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1 month ago

Wow! God can send any one to preach the message and thank God Angela prayed over it and was restored back her marriage.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

What a creative story with a precise message embedded in it. I celebrate you

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1 month ago