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Marvin: The Narcoleptic Boy

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2 weeks ago

Sunday, 26th September, 2021.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that inflicts sleep on it's victim anywhere, anytime during broad daylight. It is often diagnosed when someone fall asleep sometimes in an uncomfortable position. Sleep paralysis is also detected from a victim of Narcolepsy.

Martins works as a cleaner in a private primary school. His duties are to ensure that the male and staff toilet is cleaned up three hourly. He has worked at the Reddington Nursery school for four (4) sessions. He knows all the nook cranny of Reddington.

As the school resumes a new session with new students resuming, parents of the newly admitted students were seen around making finishing touches on preparing their wards for full school resumption.

On the second week of resumption, all the students just finished reciting the school anthem and national anthem, filing up to their classes. This was after the Head Teacher's speech. The students were marked present on the attendance register only Marvin was marked absent. Marvin is the only new student admitted into primary five. His parents just relocated from Calabar to Lagos. He has only been at Reddington for two weeks. To confirm from the home why he isn't in school, the class teacher informed the Head Teacher who put a call across to the parents.

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Hello, Mr. Akpabio. Headteacher, Reddington School on the line.

Hi, hope you are fine.

Yeah, I just want to know why Marvin isn't in school today.

What do you mean? I dropped him off at school today.

No, he isn't in school today.

Now, there is confusion at Reddington. The headteacher was called Miss Moore.

I just called Mr. Akpabio now and he said he dropped Marvin today.

When we got to class this morning after the assembly, he wasn't in the class. Miss Moore said.

Now the whole school is going agog in search of Marvin. The headteacher ordered that an emergency bell be jungled.

All the students gathered and the search began. All support staff was called to join in the search. The security guard at the gate was asked if he saw Mr. Akpabio dropping his son, he answered in the affirmative.

His answer posed that they had a very serious issue on their hands.

The security man then said.

Him papa call am back from the gate to enter the car.

Mr. Akpabio had rushed down to the school in fright of what had become of his son.

Can somebody explain to me what is happening here? Mr. Akoabio queried.

The search began as the Headmaster knew that nothing good may come out of the search since the guard said his father picked back into the car.

Martins returned with Marvin's school bag, he had found it in the bag. But there isn't any trace of Marvin. It appears that the guard wasn't sure of what he saw. The headmaster decided to keep that report ro himself while the search continued.

All male teachers were shared into search teams. They combed everywhere in search of Marvin. After an hour's search, there was no trace of Marvin.

Only Martins was yet to return from the search. As everyone expects him, Mr. Akpabio has been uncomfortable with the situation. It wasn't like he wasn't aware of his son's sleeping disorder. He only kept it to himself because he doesn't want the school to reject considering Marvin's admission into Reddington.

Marvin fell asleep under the staircase. No one would have thought somebody would have gone to sleep in such a place.

Martins decided to check under the staircase, which seem the only place that have not been searched.

Martins was just there snoring mildly in a deep sleep. Martins wasted no time. He carried the little boy and straight fo the headteacher's office.

Marvin was diagnosed of Narcolepsy. A sleeping disorder that makes an individual sleep anytime and anywhere during the daytime.

Parents ought to give up to date information to caregivers of their wards so that they can be proactive when any emergency occurs.

In some children, what you discover could be asthma, while some could have long-sightedness others could have short-sightedness. Whatever health issues a child has should be communicated to school administrators so they don't get to violate the rules of giving ultimate care to the child in question.

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Written by   83
2 weeks ago
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Certainly, the school should keep in its enrollment record, the student's file, with all the history, medical, psychological, socio-economic and data of people to turn to in case of a health emergency of the student. Narcolepsy disorder is usually diagnosed in young people between 15 and 30 years old. The specialist who makes the diagnosis is a clinical neurophysiologist. Interesting story.

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2 weeks ago

Hahaha. The disorder would surely play a great role in the life of the child. And not his fault since he never knew why it happens

Parents should indeed give full details of what condition their wards are before enrolling.

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2 weeks ago

Hmm, this is Interesting, to be Frank, even as a science students, this is first time of knowing about narcolepsy, I might have come across it before but might not give it much attention to know what's all about. The majority of people knows about ste- ste fly bite.. Yeah, we keep on learning everyday.

All thanks to God that Marvin was is not lost but slept off due to the deficiency that he has, I don't think the school school rejected him because of that, even if they will , it should better be said than keeping it as a secret, it's will be very dangerous for such a child.

When they inform the teachers or caretaker, they will know how to handle the child with proper care.

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2 weeks ago

That's the essence of giving up to date information to the school where your child attends.

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2 weeks ago

That's even for someone that likes to sleep. Someone like me that don't even sleep up to 7hours a day. Nice write up

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2 weeks ago

That's because you still be to calm your nerves. Sleeplessness is also a disorder. It is called insomnia.

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2 weeks ago

Yes I know but it's like a normal thing for me now. It's been 5years now I have had good sleep of 8hours.

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2 weeks ago