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Bunch Of Losers

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1 month ago

My name is Tommy Heartland, a teenager, and a music addict. I love music of different genres and would wake up in the middle of the night at the sound of music, beautiful music I mean. No matter how deeply I have traveled in my sleep, such music can prick my sleeping sensor to cease, causing me to awake. My parents on the other hand never had an interest in music and as a result, they worked against my desire to listen to music and become a songwriter or a lyricist. Mom especially sees it as the devil's tool against this generation. In the center of all this, my emotions were never considered.

When I turned twenty, I gained admission to the premier university to study Dietaries and Food Technology. This is course was one of the most lucrative at that time, yet my mind was still in to do music. With my parents, failure is not acceptable, so I gave my university program the utmost attention it needed. At graduation, I came top of my class. During the compulsory one-year service, I took pleasure in registering with the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON). There I was made to choose a musical instrument I will love to play. This is where my whores began. I ended up choosing the bass guitar as an instrumentalist do not go for it.

I learned the instrument with passion. It wasn't an easy task but I enjoyed doing all that needed to be done in learning the bass guitar. I became a pro in no time. At the MUSON center, a wedding feast was organized and the bass guitarist was held up in traffic far away in Ikeja, our music director requested that I be made to play for the live band. It was my first time. The report I got after the event was a booster for me to keep rehearsing to be the best bass-man in town.

Towards the end of my service year, I had already bagged a certificate as a certified national bass guitar player. For me, that is my most cherished academic qualification, not my university degree.

After my service year, I discovered my degree certificate could not make my life joyous as much as playing guitar for a big band or making music in the studio. It appeared that the years I spent in the university, satisfying the demands of my parents were just a waste of time.

Career Choice Cum The Place Of Parents

Professionally, parents have been advised to play the role of a guidance counselor in the matter of choosing a career for their wards. With recent statistics, the number of children who choose a career base on parents' wishes is higher than those who took a career in their region of interest. This has accounted for the failure of students in their academic pursuits.

The famous Nigerian art, legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti also loved music while his parents, his father specifically wanted him to be an attorney. He ended studying music against the wish of his parents. Since parents aren't the ones to bear the weight of having to study a particular course, they should allow the issue of choice to be the responsibility of their wards. The passion of the child will drive him to a career he wants to pursue in life.

Since parents will not be the ones to go through the rudiments of studying a course or learning a trade, they should allow their wards to do what they intend to with their lives so far it is not any criminal.

A Child Stand To Gain The Following

• Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

•Learn to express themselves healthily.

• The child will be understood and accepted better.

• Learn decision-making skills, also taking responsibility for his actions or inactions.

When a parent uses his/her children as guinea pigs for trial and error in career choice, it is called emotional incest. Let's not make children scapegoats by choosing ca career for them and blaming the aftermath effect on them.

This unfriendly act parent is one way through which a bunch of losers is created.

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Emotional incest is an abuse of the emotions of an individual like the child who intends to choose a career but whose parents decided to hand in another career pursuit other than his/her area of interest.

Interest is the first consideration in career choice. It is not a bad idea to consider talent as a factor but many a time, talent does not give you a career.

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Hope you found my blog interesting and educating, hope to see you again.

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Written by   83
1 month ago
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a talented child, he will achieve something in life if he just keeps working hard, always with the help and guidance of his parents so as not to go the wrong way,

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User's avatar Amz
1 month ago

It is so heartbreaking when I see parents pushing their children to study courses they have no single passion for. Making it in any aspect of life require a strong will and passion.

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1 month ago

Indeed interesting and the pure fact of what we are experiencing in the recent world of nowadays

Parent are like a future dictator to their fortunes of their wards. Meanwhile every child have their own dream and goal they are good at.

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1 month ago

So many child dream has been killed just because some parents want people to call them Nne Doctor (Doctor mother) , which will later cause a problem to the child in the future.

So many people find themselves in the field where they are today not because they want it , but just because their parents want them to be.

A child who wants to become a singer and you said he/she must become a doctor, they two does not tally with each other. Such a Child will not find passion or enthusiasm in what's he's doing because they want to satisfy their parents.

But no matter the pressure any parents might put on me, I will never stop to pursue my dream. And I'm appreciative to my parents for always allowing me to make my choice in life not theirs.

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1 month ago

Don't tell me your Igbo (Nne). Of course, they pushed their wards into what they desired to gain, that's simply selfish....

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1 month ago

Hehehehe, I will tell all parents who are in this category that someone said it's act of selfishness.... lolololololo 😂😂

That's right, just because they don't care about the child dream , but they want to satisfy their own desire.

Yeah, I'm an original igbo girl 🤣🤣

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1 month ago