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Be Fast To Listen, Slow To Act.

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1 month ago

As we drove past 5th Avenue in Greenville estate, Adams was quick to sight her through the side mirror of our rickety Toyota Tercel car. He applied the brake and revered the car towards Tinuade. She won't oblige our attention. At this point, Adams stepped out and jogged towards Tinu.

Baby, I have an explanation for what you saw yesterday. Just a moment, please.

Yet, Tinu kept walking away without a word.

Tinu please, don't do this. I came over since you wouldn't take my calls.

Still, Tinu kept mute.

I watched from the rare mirror with so much pity for my friend, Adams. He was such a straight forward guy and would not do anything to hurt Tinu. His cousin Nnenna had come to town for a job interview and was to stay with Adams for a few days. Tinu was so impatient that she left almost immediately when she open the door and sighted a beautiful damsel, more beautiful than her and resolved that Adams had been cheating. So, she walked away.

With this pain burning in my heart, I stepped down from the car and walked to them.

Tinu, don't you think you have taken your action too far? You of all people should understand Adams that he won't stoop so low to double-date. Whom you saw at his

Before I could complete the statement, Tinu shush me.

No! No!! No!!

Don't patronize me. You are the cause of all this. Weren't you there when you friend was admiring another woman.

When I saw she was determined to call it a quit, I took a walk away from the scene.

Adams followed me seeing that Tinu had made up her mind. As they returned home, there was silence through their drive back home. Nnenna wasn't aware of all the troubles her presence had causes Adams. She was just been a guest to her cousin and nothing more.

Three weeks later, Nnenna got the job and finally relocated to town. She lived with Adams for some time before she got her apartment near her office in Apapa. Once in a while she comes to visit Adams.

They had planned that they would get married at end of the year but all that has gone down the drain.

Ten months later, Tinu met with Nnenna when she went to submit a business proposal, unknowing that Nnenna now works with the outsourcing firm. They got talking and Nnenna told her how wrong she was in handling that issue.

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Tinu felt so sorry for being impatient. Though, Adams had remained single all along. To make a return to Adams, Tinu requested that Nnenna act like her solicitor and apologize for her but Adams was adamant never to go back to his vomit. All effortss to mediate and settle the issue failed.

When Tinu saw that getting worse. She resolved to seek my assistance.

Efe, please. I know I have wronged you most especially, please forgive me. I have realized my mistakes and I have come to seek your forgiveness.

I was so dumbfounded that I don't know what to say to Tinu. I forgave her and promised to speak to Adams on her behalf.

I forgive you that very day because I knew that you were acting in Ignorance and jealousy. I'd see what I can do to Adams.

I took the pain to speak to Adams to give Tinu another chance knowing how much he loves her. He was reluctant but after much talk and consideration, he accepted her back. Today, they are back together, married with two kids. And are a happy couple.


•Envy and jealousy could easily ruin what you have built over the years in the twinkling of an eye.

•Impatience is another trait of today's relationship. Whether in marriage or courting, there is a need to listen more than act. Acting at the wrong time could lead to an unprecedented disaster.

•Respect they say is reciprocal. We ought to respect people who are one way or the other are relatives or friends of our partners. That goes a long in determine how beautifully built that relationship is.

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Written by   97
1 month ago
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That is why, it is very important to know the whole story first before we react.

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1 month ago

Nice article bro This is a good lesson to everyone. I will add this, we should learn to forgive those who offended us. Not that what they've done to us doesn't hurt us but to bring peace.

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1 month ago

If only my ex could have taken these A lot of young people out there need to know these things before jumping into relationships, patience and trust is a key element to building a strong relationship.

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1 month ago

Unfortunately, many young people are always in a haste to make rash decisions, only to regret much later.

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1 month ago

So tinu was haste in making decisions and she took Adam's cousin as her girlfriend and started to blame him for cheating. But I am glad at the end they both were united. Its true we should not make decisions immediately without knowing the whole truth.

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1 month ago

Sometimes, it may be too late to realize that your man isn't cheating. Patience is a good virtue.

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1 month ago

I am so glad that they ended up together. I learned a lot from this story. Thank you so much. ❣

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1 month ago