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What's Your Theological Perspective about Money? How Do You Attract More of It?

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9 months ago

My simple affirmation that money comes to me easily and frequently is boosting my theological, psychological, and even behavioural perspective about money. Well for some this is a kind of joke knowing that they NEED to work harder to earn more money and if they don't, they won't get it at all.

I used to think like this as well because employment or my salary alone was my ultimate source back then. Quite scary if you only have one source of income actually. My mentors always advised us to have MSI!

**So let me tell you a bit of an unexpected story.

5 Figures Available Balance? How Come? I knew there was only 3!

I am still in awe! Trying to figure out a rational reason where on earth a balance of 5 figures was still available in my other bank account wherein it has been dormant for four months. Only because of our upcoming travel that I need to source out other options to use my bank account overseas just in case there's a need at least for emergency purposes.

So the truth of the matter was that I did not bother to check on it at all knowing that I only had 500 SCR left in that account as I used it mainly with my online transactions before. I knew it was only that amount left so it won't be totally deactivated. I even told the teller that I would do an online transfer from another bank account thinking that 500SCR would not be enough for overseas transactions, considering the fees and hidden charges yet fairly she said per ATM withdrawal would only be 100SCR, hmmm!

On the other hand, deep inside my heart, there is this item that I wanted to buy for myself for the longest time I could remember however I kept on delaying it because whenever I buy things, I would always consider whether it's a NEED or it's just a WANT.

I would always ponder on the things that I would buy considering that I already have two of them but because I am curious how reliable the brand is and buying it in the Middle East, I knew I would have a better deal.

Or so I thought! as it's my dream gadget for my online freelancing work! So while browsing online, it would cost around 4k AED which is around 13974. 03 k SCR or around 1039.03 USD, so I always told myself, if it's time to buy it, God would open doors of opportunities to be able to acquire it.

I can still wait for another years, although I wanted it this year!

Surprise of all surprises with a strong conviction likewise upon seeing the available balance in my account when the teller told me to reset my pin because I forgot about it hence I won't be able to do any transaction whatsoever, shocked was an understatement when I saw that I still have around 13,109 SCR which is around 46,825.221 PHP or 1, 015.75 USD or 863.45 Euro as per conversion rate!

This could be a month salary of many overseas workers I guess. I am still in awe when I checked my balance. My husband told me to withdraw 5000 just to make sure it's really 5 figures lmao!

I am so blessed beyond measure!!!

I had the same story when I was in Doha that I would find 1 Riyal on the road while having our early walk and my friends were laughing at my 1QR eventually. God multiplied it into 5 RIYALs instead when we went to a small store since I didn't bring any money at that time, I stayed outside however decided to get in because it's not safe to be alone waiting.

Lo and behold, the moment I stepped in, that 5 Qatari Riyals was on the floor inside the store (not on the road) and I asked my friends as well as the cashier if any of them lost/missed 5 QRs in their wallets, to my surprised they said NO!

What's my point?

I simply asked for 1 Qatari Riyal yet God had given me hundred folds of 5 QRs! my rational mind told me it's a mere coincidence however the deepest core of my faith told me that there is ONE ABSOLUTE BEING who blessed me more than I could imagine.5 QR is nothing for those who don't fathom abundance but it's not just the figure that matters here, it's really your doctrines of belief.

  • Travel and Look for another Angle!

Travelling entails money, though it is one of our Experience Assets there are times we tend to make it our priority despite the idea that money is so hard to keep.

First and foremost, I claimed for ABUNDANCE. I know money is available for my taking.

Let me give a hint on what was my go SIGNAL why I opted to book the flight for our upcoming travel despite the restrictions and other struggles.

I PAID MY DEBTS and I didn't owe anyone for anything. I do not borrow money for the sake of spending nor investing it. This is a huge RED FLAG for me unless it's for business venture. There are still good and bad debts.

**When I said I paid my debts, there was a point when papa was in the ICU and an immediate 35k was needed plus his medication of around 15k. When he passed away, 50k was more or less has to be paid for a good friend who lent us an amount abruptly for the funeral service and the plot of memorial land. Sharing as per experience that it's not only hospitalization which is costly in my country, it would come to a point of funeral service as well, But GOD IS SO GENEROUS to me despite Paypal's restriction on the amount of money I am sending weekly.

Moreover, when I checked my calendar, our family's expenses, savings, and on top of everything, emergency funds apart from investments, everything is a GREEN LIGHT...

I won't be guilty if I spend money overseas and I had someone who would be nagging me to pay her/him for the amount of money I borrowed. Although on the hind side, I borrowed Sage's savings which were around a month's salary of a regular employee here and I promise to pay my baby in a month as well. As early as two years old, I managed to secure his Junior Assurance Policy plus RUPYS's Junior account in the bank so that he would have enough money to use when the time comes.

  • What's the Rationale?

How do you see money and how you will spend it depends on your behaviour of acquiring it. After so many things that happened this year, at the end of the day, I told myself, I AM THE MASTER and MONEY IS MY SERVANT.

Likewise, your theology of money can surprise you in a very overwhelming way you would least expect much more the law of the universe would help you find it. God's abundance is way beyond our human brain could comprehend.


Have you had an experience wherein you also felt that you are so blessed you could not rationalize how money just came to you momentarily?

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Written by   361
9 months ago
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Hmmmmm wow nice write up. It give me an inspiration. Everything you are doing always be honest with it and stay plane. Because that's the secret of wealth. More understanding to you my Author, stay cool and remain blessed

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9 months ago

God works not only in great things. If you trust him, you will never be disappointed. Of course, not everything you ask for will be given to you. For sure, he has a reason that at that moment you ignore. Just be grateful because as a mother you know well that parents want the best for their children.

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9 months ago

right! personally after my experiences with money especially this year as papa passed away, God prepared me for this ordeal. It took me years and years to finally say to myself that money is available for my taking but the most important thing is to be ready to share it away. On the other hand, as a mom, I feel that bringing my baby overseas and let him see things outside an island life, he would have more to cherish than those material things.

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9 months ago

it is true, someone above is watching over us... and is blessing us. i love your rationale, money is my servant and not the other way around. it's time for you to buy that gadget or item you had been eyeing! go for it!

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9 months ago

hehe I think this is what I need to check on..someone pushing me to buy it although my conscience told me delay a bit longer on the hindside, checking all other angles...I always have the GREEN LIGHT so I think I would go for it this year! Great day ahead

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9 months ago

You are so blessed. Thats why money is of timely help for you as and when you need. God helps abundantly when we help others. Good luck to you friend

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9 months ago

we are all bless Shameem., the idea of being able to share a little of what I have despite other people saying..there's crisis...the more it's an opportunity for us to whatever way we can.

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9 months ago

You are the master... True... Let your money work for you.. ❤️

$ 0.00
9 months ago